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Chapter 1342: Everyone Knows Now (2)

Little rice dumpling nodded her head. “I’m not afraid. I’ll wait for Mommy to come home.”

Madam Ruan reached out and touched little rice dumpling’s face. “Good child.”

At that moment, Ling Tianya had already stood up from the sofa. Sure enough, her skirt and sofa were all wet.

However, after she stood up, there was nothing abnormal or uncomfortable about her body. Her amniotic fluid didn’t seem to be flowing either.

At that moment, little bean’s words stunned everyone present.

Little bean walked to the sofa, pointed at the top, and said to Xiao Hong, “Mommy, the cup… the water is gone…”

Everyone looked in the direction where little bean was pointing, and they saw where Ling Tianya was originally sitting. Behind her was little bean’s water bottle. The lid of the water bottle was open, and all the water inside had spilled out.

Ling Tianya,”…”


So, Ling Tianya’s dress and legs were wet was because of that?

It turned out to be a false alarm. After learning the truth, everyone laughed out loud.

However, Ling Tianya couldn’t laugh at that moment. Her face was red, and she felt extremely embarrassed.

Sure enough, as the saying goes, pregnancy makes one slow-witted, but it wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know what it would be like to have her amniotic fluid break. Moreover, she was too nervous at the time, so she couldn’t determine the source of the water.

In the end, she caused such a big joke.

Everyone knows that she was going to give birth now…

In the end, the child was still fine, completely fine.

“Is mommy still going to the hospital?” Seeing that the adults weren’t leaving, little rice dumpling asked.

Madam Ruan pursed her lips into a smile. “No, she’s not going today.”

After learning the truth, Madam Ruan ordered someone to inform everyone who had been notified that Ling Tianya was fine, and it was just a misunderstanding.

However, it seemed like it was already too late. After Ruan Zeyan and Ruan Qishan received the notification, they immediately canceled everything and rushed back. The people who were with them before also knew that the young madam of the Ruan family was about to give birth.

Cheng Chen and Ling Tao were busy with their own companies, but they also rushed to the hospital after receiving the notification. Before they reached the hospital, they were told that it was a misunderstanding…

Even though the security at the hospital had been lifted, the news still leaked out.

For a while, the Ruan family members received endless congratulatory calls. They had no choice but to awkwardly explain the situation.

But they couldn’t say that Ling Tianya was foolish enough to mistake the water in the bottle for amniotic fluid. If this were to get out, it would be too embarrassing for Ling Tianya.

In the end, under Ruan Zeyan’s insistence, even though it was another blunder, Ling Tianya still went to the hospital for peace of mind.

Ling Tianya also felt that it was too awkward. It just so happened that little rice dumpling’s birthday was coming up, and it was about time for the two babies in her stomach. In addition, her stomach was really too big, so Ling Tianya couldn’t carry them anymore. After the hospital checked that there were no problems, they decided to do a caesarean section to get the two little ones out on little rice dumpling’s birthday.

Ling Tianya was admitted to the hospital the day before the caesarean section surgery. Everyone put down what they were doing and busied themselves around Ling Tianya. They stayed at the hospital if they weren’t busy.

Everyone was looking forward to the time when they would meet the two little ones tomorrow.

Just like when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, Ling Tianya still chose not to ask about the gender of the children this time. She would know after they were born.

However, she did hope that it would be two daughters. If she gave birth to two more sons, then with three brats in the family, it would be too chaotic.