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Chapter 1340: My Water Broke

Xiao Hong’s child was about the same age as little rice dumpling, but a few months younger than little rice dumpling.

Ever since Ling Tianya got pregnant and her body became heavier, she couldn’t play with little rice dumpling anymore. Xiao Hong often brought little bean to the manor.

Xiao Hong did a lot for her child. She knew that little rice dumpling didn’t have many playmates, so she often brought her son, little bean, to the manor. On the surface, she simply brought little bean to play with little rice dumpling, but in reality, she wanted little rice dumpling to develop an intimate relationship with little rice dumpling from a young age so after little rice dumpling inherited the Ruan family in the future, little rice dumpling would treat little bean, her uncle, better.

Little bean’s full name was Ling Tianyou, and it was Madam Ling who came up with the name. Madam Ling named little bean Ling Tianyou for a reason.

She hoped that little bean would be blessed by the heavens and live a smooth life.

However, Xiao Hong knew that the heavens couldn’t bless little bean. Only by being close to the Ruan family, Ling Tianya and little rice dumpling, could little bean be protected.

Ling Tianya knew exactly what Xiao Hong was thinking. She had always thought that Xiao Hong was a smart woman who understood the situation. During the long years when Ling Tao was in a coma, the reason Xiao Hong didn’t leave was not only because of her love for Ling Tao, but also because of Ling Tianya and the socioeconomic status of the Ruan family.

Ling Tianya had no intention of exposing Xiao Hong’s personal agenda. As long as she treated Ling Tao well, lived a peaceful life with Ling Tao, and treated Ling Tianxin well in the future, it would be fine. As for other aspects, it wasn’t a problem. Any normal person would have a personal agenda.

In this world, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t want anything. If there really was such a person, that would be the scariest instead.

At that moment, little rice dumpling was playing with little bean in a serious manner and acting like he was the big brother. Little rice dumpling was still young, so he didn’t have a deep understanding of seniority yet. He only knew that he was the big brother because his birthday was earlier than little bean’s, so he didn’t think of little rice dumpling as his uncle at all.

Little bean was quite slow-witted, and followed behind little rice dumpling. Whatever little rice dumpling said was good, and he would do whatever he was told.

Every time she saw such a scene, Ling Tianya would tell little rice dumpling that little bean was his uncle, and he couldn’t treat his uncle like that.

Every time, little rice dumpling would listen, obediently nod his head, and say yes. Then, he would immediately return to his original state again.

Just like now, the two-year-old little rice dumpling was teaching little bean a serious lesson. “What you did was wrong! You’re a traitor!”

Because little bean had told Ling Tianya about little rice dumpling stealing candy, little rice dumpling was calling little bean a traitor.

Looking at the two children’s behavior, the adults burst into laughter. Xiao Hong didn’t mind at all, and laughed along with them.

Ling Tianya put on a stern expression and summoned little rice dumpling to her side. “You stole candy, so how can you be so self-righteous? Your little uncle wasn’t being a tattletale. He was doing it for your own good. How can you call little uncle a traitor!”

Upon seeing that his mother was scolding him, little rice dumpling began to use his acting skills to the fullest. He blinked his big innocent eyes and pouted his sexy little mouth that looked exactly like Ruan Zeyan’s. “Mommy, I was wrong… Mommy, don’t be angry…”

Little rice dumpling’s words made Ling Tianya feel at a loss for how to react. She knew that the child was acting, but she didn’t know what to say about him.

Suddenly, Ling Tianya felt that there was water flowing out from between her legs and it instantly soaked her dress.

Ling Tianya was so scared that her eyes immediately widened, and her little hand immediately grabbed Lina, who was beside her. “Mom… mom… water… my water broke…”