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Chapter 1339: Eight To Nine Months

Xu Cheng sat there crying. Not only did she not receive her husband’s comfort and concern, but he was also going to divorce her. Xu Cheng suddenly realized that she couldn’t get a divorce, at least not now.

She had nothing but this man and this family. Everything now was the man’s pre-marital property. If they divorced, Xu Cheng would have to leave the house with nothing on her.

She had nothing, not even a job. She was older than even Ruan Zeyan. In her thirties and without any work experience, she couldn’t find a job that suited her.

It was tiring to go to work. At least she didn’t have to work now. Other than listening to this man’s complaints every day, there was nothing else.

In short, before she found a better man, she couldn’t divorce this man!

With that thought, Xu Cheng quickly wiped away her tears and chased after him.

Not far away, Ling Tianya looked at Xu Cheng, who chased out of the bakery, and sighed helplessly.

“Why did you sigh?” Ruan Zeyan asked.

“I hope that Xu Cheng can live a good life in the future. It’s just that she still hasn’t realized what her problem is,” Ling Tianya said aloofly.

Perhaps, if Xu Cheng could wake up, the days ahead would still be full of hope. However, it seemed like it would be very difficult for her to wake up.

Xu Cheng’s husband was indeed an extremely stingy person. Xu Cheng had caused such a ruckus for so long, but in the end, she married such a man. She didn’t know if it was a test from heaven.

“Don’t think about other people’s matters. Is there anything else you want to eat?” Ruan Zeyan asked softly.

Upon the mention of food, Ling Tianya immediately forgot about the small episode just now. Her eyes lit up as she nodded. She still had a lot of food she wanted to eat.

At that moment, Ruan Zeyan received a call from Madam Ruan. “Grandson! It’s about time for you to come back!”

“Okay, we’ll go back after some shopping,” Ruan Zeyan replied to Madam Ruan. At that moment, the kebab street vendor next to them suddenly started hollering, and Madam Ruan heard all of it.

“Brat, did you bring Lass Ling out to eat? Come back quickly! Otherwise, I’ll…”

Upon hearing Madam Ruan’s voice on the phone, the couple looked at each other helplessly.

It was over. They had been caught secretly eating food, so they could only go home obediently.

In the blink of an eye, Ling Tianya was already eight months pregnant, and almost nine months pregnant.

Little rice dumpling had beeen born in winter, and coincidentally, these two were also born in winter. Ling Tianya also said that if they waited for little rice dumpling’s birthday to give birth to the twins, then the three children’s birthdays would all be on the same day, so it would be more convenient to celebrate. In terms of birthday banquets and such, just one would be enough.

After hearing what Ling Tianya said, the elders in the family even laughed at Ling Tianya. She was a lazy and sly mom.

Knowing that Ling Tianya was going to give birth soon, Lina rushed back from Europe. She wasn’t there when her daughter gave birth to the first child, but she had to be by her side when she gave birth the second time.

Ling Tao and Cheng Chen had also been very nervous lately. The two of them often got together to discuss the topic of children. During those times, Ling Tao usually had more say. After all, he raised Ling Tianya, and now, he had another infant at home.

However, Cheng Chen was often unconvinced. The two of them would bicker from time to time, then they would get together again in a few days.