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Chapter 1334: Meeting an Old Acquaintance

Ruan Zeyan knew that Ling Tianya came here just for eating. If he didn’t let her eat, she would definitely be unhappy about it. So he didn’t stop her, and took her to eat whatever she wanted to.

Ling Tianya may have a strong appetite, but she was still a mother. She wouldn’t eat carelessly, and she didn’t touch those unhealthy ones, or those that were barbecued or deep fried.

Ling Tianya was tired after walking for a short while, so Ruan Zeyan took her to a dessert shop and sat down. He ordered her a glass of juice and a piece of cheesecake.

Ruan Zeyan’s appearance immediately became the focus of all the girls in the dessert shop.

This man was obviously different from the stinky boys in their schools. Even the school hunks were not as charming as this man in front of them.

Moreover, this man was definitely not an ordinary person. Not only was his aura unusually strong, but he also had bodyguards behind him.

Unfortunately, he had his woman with him and she was pregnant..

They really envied that woman who could be able to become such a man’s woman, and to be pampered, it must be very happy.

Ling Tianya ate her cake as she heard the sighs of the female students around her. She raised her eyes, wanted to warn the man who attracted all the attention to pay attention to herself and not look around.

However, the moment Ling Tianya raised her eyes, she hit right into the man’s focused and doing gaze.

Ruan Zeyan reached out and wiped the corner of Ling Tianya’s lips with his warm fingertips. Then, he put his fingers with a bit of cake crumbs on the tip of his tongue and licked it.

This series of actions made Ling Tianya’s heart skip a beat.

She had been married to Ruan Zeyan for so long, and even had a second child, yet she was still charmed by this man.

At that moment, Ling Tianya vaguely heard a disdainful sneer. She subconsciously looked up to the sound and was surprised to see Xu Cheng.

To Ling Tianya’s surprise, Xu Cheng was also in this place. And now, she was looking in her direction with a face full of contempt.

Ling Tianya only scooted a glance at Xu Cheng then ignored her. Obviously, Ruan Zeyan had also noticed that woman. He also glanced at her with a strange and distant look, and brushed her off.

Seeing that they were blowing her off, Xu Cheng put on a long face, shameful.

Here, a man came over with a glass of juice and placed it in the middle of the table.

Xu Cheng saw the glass of juice and her face turned even more gloomy, “Why did you only buy one juice? Didn’t you say you were thirsty too? Aren’t you going to drink it?”

The man shook his head and took out a stained newspaper, “Let’s drink it together.”

Xu Cheng glanced at Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan who were not far away, “What does it mean to have the two of us drinking the same juice? Go and buy another one!”

The man was staring at the newspaper, “What’s wrong with the two of us having one drink? We’re still sleeping on the same bed at night. What’s wrong with having a glass of juice? “If you buy another one, you won’t be able to finish it. A glass of this kind of thing costs more than 30 yuan. It’s so expensive! “I can buy a lot of fruits for 30 yuan. It’s healthier to make juice ourselves at home!”

The man shook the newspaper. “You women are too wasteful. You don’t know how hard it is for men to make money!”

The man’s voice was so loud that everyone in the dessert shop could heard it. Some customers looked at Xu Cheng, while others started to discuss in whispers.

Xu Cheng’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. She glanced at Ling Tianya and realized that she was already having her second juice. Ruan Zeyan was even feeding her cake carefully.