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Chapter 1331: Running with the Ball

In the evening, not long after dinner, Ling Tianya sat on the recliner by the window, reading. She had nothing else to do at the moment, but she could actually continue writing her book.

It was just that her body was too heavy, and she didn’t want to spend the whole day staring at her computer and phone. So she decided to put the matter of the new book on hold until the child was born and after her postpartum confinement.

However, her days would be very boring with that.

She didn’t have to go to work, nor had any jobs to do. Other than eating, drinking and sleeping, her only relaxation was to wander in the yard or read books.

Even had Ruan Zeyan was at home with her, the two of them would still just read and chat.

Ruan Zeyan had just come out of the bathroom, wearing long homewear-pants, and had his upper body naked.

Ling Tianya put down her book and looked at Ruan Zeyan.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

This man was already in his thirties, but his shape was way beyond the new generation idol. And his appearance did not age at all, except for the wisdom and thoughtfulness left by time.

Looking at Ruan Zeyan and then looking at herself in maternity clothes, Ling Tianya felt uncomfortable.

Ruan Zeyan was all alright until he felt the way Ling Tianya was looking at him.

If he wasn’t wrong, it should be envy, jealousy, and hatred.

The man pursed his lips and walked over, reaching out to pinch Ling Tianya’s chin, “What is in your mind?”

“If you dare to let other women, especially those little girls, see you like this, I will run with the ball!”

Ruan Zeyan raised his eyebrows, not quite understanding what it meant to run with the ball. Then he looked at the woman’s round, ball-like belly and understood.

The man chuckled softly, “this is only for you, no one else has this privilege.”

Ling Tianya also burst out laughing, putting the book in her hand aside, “I just want to experience what it’s like for those pregnant women to have all kinds of suspicions and worries about their husbands.”

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes fell on the cover of the book that Ling Tianya was reading.

“The ultimate favorite of the rich: The Secrets of the Young Mistress.”


“Why do you read this kind of book?” In the past, Ling Tianya only read academic books and rarely read this kind.

“I just want to see it. Zhang Ke recommended it to me, saying that it’s the most popular urban romance IP. It’s said that the copyright has been bought and would be turned into a TV series.” Ling Tianya shrugged, “I also want to see what’s popular now.”

Ruan Zeyan frowned slightly. He picked up the book “The absolute favorite of the rich: Secrets of the young mistress” and threw it into the trash can, “Don’t look at these things with no substances.”

Seeing that Ling Tianya was really bored, Ruan Zeyan decided to take her out for a walk.

When she heard that she was going out for a walk, Ling Tianya was quite excited. She especially went to the cloakroom and wore a light veil sling dress.

The corset of the dress was below her chest, which was just enough to hide her round belly, but also accentuated her still slender shoulders.

In order to match her outfit, Ling Tianya even gave herself a beautiful hairstyle.

Because of pregnancy, Ling Tianya didn’t wear makeup. Even so, it didn’t affect her beauty at all.

Ruan Zeyan looked at the woman with a dark face. Other than her big belly, everything else looked just like a little girl, and it was the very beautiful kind.

Especially when she was wearing a dress like this. If one didn’t look at the front, just by looking at her back, it would be a cause of crime!

“You are not allowed to go out like this!”

Ling Tianya, who had not gone out for a long time, was still in high spirits until she heard Ruan Zeyan’s word out of the blue, and had her face fell.