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Chapter 1330: Extremely Satisfied

Ever since Ling Tianya could start eating, she started to let herself go. Not only did her body recover from her rapid weight loss, she was also getting fatter and fatter.

Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi had no choice but to start to control Ling Tianya’s appetite. Just like when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, they had to control her even when she ate an apple. Otherwise, Ling Tianya would never stop eating.

Moreover, not only Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi, but even Lina had also joined in to control Ling Tianya’s eating.

In Lina’s words, if Ling Tianya ate the way she did, even if she had a baby in the future, her figure might make it appear as if she didn’t have a baby.

Even though Ling Tianya wasn’t a celebrity, she was still a well-known gold-medal screenwriter and the boss of a large entertainment company. Most importantly, she was the the Ruan Family’s young madam, and Ruan Zeyan’s wife. In the future, she would have to accompany Ruan Zeyan to all sorts of cocktail parties, so her figure must not be out of shape.

Ling Tianya knew that she couldn’t let her appetite continue growing, but sometimes, when hunger arose, she couldn’t control herself at all.

When she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, even though she was always hungry, it was still within the limits of her tolerance. However, this time, perhaps because she was pregnant with two, she couldn’t control her appetite at all.

Ling Tianya was almost five months pregnant now, but her belly was as big as someone six to seven months pregnant.

Ever since Ling Tianya’s morning sickness stopped, Ruan Zeyan had resumed managing the company, but he never attended any social events or went on business trips.

If Ruan Qishan could do it for him, Ruan Qishan would take the initiative to do it for him. Ruan Zeyan rejected some of the clients that Ruan Qishan couldn’t take on for him. At most, he would lose a few clients and some money. In Ruan Zeyan’s eyes, the money lost was nothing. He could earn it back in the future. Besides, normal clients wouldn’t dare to offend Ruan Zeyan. Even if they were rejected by Ruan Zeyan, they could only endure it. After all, compared to Ruan Zeyan, they cared more about the cooperation between the two parties.

Just like that, Ruan Zeyan went to the company in the morning and went home to accompany his wife at night. He would definitely stay at home with Ling Tianya on Saturdays and Sundays without going anywhere. Ruan Zeyan personally accompanied Ling Tianya for every prenatal checkup. He accompanied her meticulously the entire time. He practically treated Ling Tianya as a treasure in his hands.

That made all the other pregnant women in the hospital envious.

Even though Ling Tianya’s pregnancy was diagnosed at the Central Hospital, the pregnancy test was still carried out in the family’s own hospital. First of all, it was more convenient and had fewer people. Second of all, the equipment was more advanced and the service was more meticulous.

At the same time, the pregnant women who could come to this hospital for a prenatal checkup were the daughters or daughters-in-law of rich and powerful families. Ling Tianya was accompanied by her husband every single time, and that her husband was the famous Ruan Zeyan. On the other hand, the rest of them were accompanied by their mothers-in-law and nannies. Their own men weren’t in sight at all. The difference was really huge.

Cheng Chen and Ling Tao saw Ruan Zeyan’s series of doting actions towards his wife. Even if they wanted to pick on Ruan Zeyan now, they couldn’t find anything to nitpick on. After all, they were men as well. If it were them, even they wouldn’t be able to do what Ruan Zeyan did.

When Xiao Hong was pregnant, Ling Tao couldn’t reject all the social engagements to accompany her. He hadn’t even accompanied Xiao Hong for any prenatal checkups.

Therefore, due to the comparison, Ling Tao was quite satisfied with Ruan Zeyan.