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Chapter 1329: Happiness

The chef froze. “Butler Zhong, it’s the middle of the night. What are you doing?”

Butler Zhong was anxious. He pulled the chef, who was wearing pajamas, out. “Let’s go. Young Madam is hungry. She wants to eat!”

“Isn’t the Young Madam only able to eat light foods? Those kitchen staff can do it…”

“Cut the crap! Young Madam wants to eat roast chicken, roast duck, pickled pork knuckle, BBQ meat, west lake fish in vinegar gravy, and sweet and sour pork ribs!” Butler Zhong paused, then said, “Oh right, Young Madam also wants to eat cheesecake. I have to wake up that frenchman and ask him to make cheesecake for the Young Madam. In short, you go to the kitchen first and quickly cook all of them!”

“But… everything else is easy to talk about, but I can’t make roast duck in such a amount of time! There’s also the pickled pig knuckle. Because the Young Madam abstained from meat and fish during this period of time, there aren’t any high-fat things like pig knuckle in the manor!” The chef was suddenly in a dilemma.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? Pick the easier foods to cook first. How much food do you think the Young Madam, who is so thin, can eat? Perhaps the Young Madam will be full after you finish cooking two dishes. Don’t waste time, go quickly!” After saying that, butler Zhong then headed to the French chef’s room.

After hearing Butler Zhong’s words, the Chinese chef immediately went to the kitchen without further delay.

The Young Madam could finally eat. That was something that made people happier than celebrating the New Year. Lately, the Young Madam hadn’t been able to eat and her health hadn’t been good. Not only were the elders of the main family worried, even those who worked for the Ruan family also felt bad.

The Young Madam was usually very kind and polite to them. Therefore, from the bottom of their hearts, they all hoped that The Young Madam could end this annoying pregnancy reaction.

This was great. If the Young Madam took the initiative to eat, then he would have to work hard to cook!

With that thought, the chef quickened his pace, called the kitchen helpers, and quickly started cooking.

There was ready-made roast chicken in the kitchen. Afraid that Ling Tianya would feel uncomfortable waiting, he brought the roast chicken to her and let her eat it first.

By the time the kitchen brought out the sweet and sour ribs, Ling Tianya had already eaten more than half of the roast chicken.

In the middle of the night, Wang Yazhi was a little hungry, so she wanted to go to the kitchen to see what was there to eat. However, as soon as she arrived in the kitchen, she saw a scene that shocked her.

Ling Tianya was holding a drumstick in her hand, and she was chewing on a piece of ribs with her chopsticks. On the other hand, Ruan Zeyan, with a smile on his face, was holding a tissue and helping Ling Tianya wipe her mouth from time to time.

For a moment, Wang Yazhi couldn’t believe what she saw. She stood there and blinked her eyes hard. When she realized that it was true, she turned around and ran back.

Before long, Wang Yazhi brought along Ruan Qishan, Madam Ruan, and Lina. All of them had obviously been dragged out of their sleep.

“Look! Look! Yaya is eating!” Wang Yazhi was overjoyed. She had forgotten that she was still hungry, as if seeing Ling Tianya eating so well would fill her up.

“That’s great! My little Lass Ling! You made your grandmother worried sick!” Her eyes smiling, Madam Ruan was the first to walk towards Ling Tianya. “You can finally eat. That’s great!”

“Yeah!” Wang Yazhi and Lina also came over, and sat across from Ling Tianya to look at her.

Upon seeing that all the elders in the family had come over, Ling Tianya felt a little guilty and put down the drumstick. “Everyone had been worried about me recently…”

“Silly girl, what are you talking about?! As long as you can eat well, as long as you can eat well!” Madam ruan nodded happily.

Ruan Qishan walked over slowly. “After I see my daughter-in-law eating so heartily, even I feel a little hungry.” Ruan Qishan said as he sat down, “Since everyone is awake, let’s eat together with our daughter-in-law, so that she doesn’t feel lonely eating alone.”

Ruan Qishan’s suggestion was agreed upon by everyone. Therefore, while everyone else were sleeping in the middle of the night, the Ruan family began to enjoy delicious food in full swing.