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Chapter 1327: Had A Beautiful Dream

It was late at night, and Ling Tianya had been asleep for quite a while, but Ruan Zeyan wasn’t sleepy at all.

He quietly looked at Ling Tianya’s sleeping face and noticed that she was frowning. Her eyeballs under her eyelids were rolling non-stop, as if she was dreaming.

Ruan Zeyan thought that Ling Tianya was having a nightmare, and that she was also suffering in the dream. What he didn’t know was that Ling Tianya’s dream was surprisingly good.

She didn’t dream about anything complicated. She dreamed that she was eating, eating lots and lots of things, eating everything. Those things that she had been disgusted by before were all eaten by her in the dream.

Ruan Zeyan stared at Ling Tianya, and noticed that her lips were beginning to quiver. Ruan Zeyan didn’t know what had happened. Thinking that Ling Tianya was having a nightmare, he reached out to gently push Ling Tianya, who was sleeping.

“Tianya, wake up.”

Ling Tianya, who was having a sweet dream, was suddenly woken up by Ruan Zeyan. She looked at him with a pair of sad eyes. “Why did you wake me up?!”

Upon seeing Ling Tianya’s reaction, Ruan Zeyan was a little stunned. “I thought you were having a nightmare.”

Ling Tianya put on a bitter expression. “I was indeed having a dream, but it wasn’t a nightmare, it was a sweet dream…”

Looking at Ling Tianya’s regretful face, Ruan Zeyan smiled and hugged her. “Then what beautiful dream did you have? Tell me.”

With a face full of yearning, Ling Tianya said, “I dreamed that I was eating. I ate a lot of things, I ate roast chicken, roast duck, pickled pork knuckles, and BBQ meat. In short, I ate all sorts of meat. I also ate an entire plate of west lake fish in vinegar gravy, and a large plate of sweet and sour pork ribs. I ate all of them. I was very satisfied. I wanted to eat cheesecake as well, but you woke me up…”

Looking at Ling Tianya’s dull skin, her emaciated cheeks, her sparkling eyes, and her small mouth that kept talking, Ruan Zeyan felt extremely guilty.

This woman was suffering because she wanted to give birth to his child. She could only eat these things in her dreams, and in reality, she couldn’t even smell them.

“Tianya, if it’s too hard on you, I don’t want these two children anymore,” Ruan Zeyan said seriously. He really couldn’t bear to let Ling Tianya continue like this. Ling Tianya wasn’t the only one suffering. His heart was suffering too.

Upon hearing Ruan Zeyan’s words, Ling Tianya’s eyes immediately widened. “What are you talking about?! They’re not only your children, they’re also mine! For their sake, what is a little suffering?” Ling Tianya became anxious, and she put her hands on her belly. “Watch your mouth. Luckily, they’re still young. When they grow older, they’ll hear what you say!”

Ruan Zeyan was silent. In his life, he was destined to owe this woman, so he could only repay his debt with a lifetime of love.

There was a moment of silence in the room. Ling Tianya lowered her head and suddenly stopped talking.

Ruan Zeyan thought that his little woman was still angry with him because of what he had just said. “Don’t be angry. I was just worried about your health.”

Ling Tianya still didn’t speak, but her slender little hands slowly moved up from her lower abdomen and finally covered her stomach.

“Ruan Zeyan…” Ling Tianya lowered her head and called out Ruan Zeyan’s name softly.

Ling Tianya rarely called out Ruan Zeyan’s full name. Now that she did, he thought that Ling Tianya wasn’t feeling well again and immediately became nervous. “Is your stomach feeling unwell? I’ll call the doctor.”

Now, the doctor was already stationed in the Ruan family’s residence so that if anything happened to Ling Tianya, they could immediately get help from the doctor.