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Chapter 1326: Baby (5)

Ling Tianya’s pregnancy reaction this time was really like what doctor Zhong had said. It was twice as strong as when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, especially during the first three months, when she really couldn’t eat anything. The smell of oil made her nauseous, and she vomited uncontrollably.

Moreover, not only was she sensitive to the smell of oil, she was also sensitive to the smell of perfume and cosmetics. In any case, she was sensitive to any smell that contained fragrance.

Because of Ling Tianya’s reaction, no one in the manor could use anything that contained fragrance. Perfume and skin care products that had strong smells were all off limits, and even the soap they used had all become scentless.

All of these were easy to deal with, but the most difficult thing was Ling Tianya eating. She couldn’t eat meat, the vegetables had to be boiled, or else she could only drink fruit and vegetable juice. In just a few days, Ling Tianya had lost a lot of weight.

Ruan Zeyan felt anguish for his wife, so he had to find a doctor to give Ling Tianya parenteral nutrition every day. Even so, it couldn’t stop Ling Tianya from losing weight.

At night, the sound of vomiting came from the bathroom. There was nothing in Ling Tianya’s stomach, so she couldn’t throw up even if she wanted to. His palm gently stroking her back, Ruan Zeyan stood behind her.

She was too thin, so thin that her protruding spine could be seen through her clothes.

In the mirror, Ling Tianya’s face appeared thin, while her fair and smooth skin had lost its luster because she had been unable to eat properly for a long time and was losing weight quickly.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Ling Tianya reached out to touch her face and asked Ruan Zeyan, “Have I become ugly?”

He hugged her from behind, and felt that her body was like a piece of paper. “You’re not ugly. You’re the most beautiful.”

“Liar.” Ling Tianya rolled her eyes. “Even I think I’m ugly…”

Ling Tianya had been in low spirits recently. The doctor said that she had signs of depression, and what she needed the most at this time was the companionship and guidance of her family.

So for Ling Tianya, Ruan Zeyan once again left the company for Ruan Qishan to deal with, while he stayed at home to accompany Ling Tianya all day.

“Nonsense. Look at you. Your eyes are still so beautiful, and your lips are still so sexy. How are you ugly?” Ruan Zeyan’s tone was gentle, as if he was talking to a child. Then, he pressed his thin lips against Ling Tianya’s ear and said seductively, “Haven’t you heard? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will always be my Xi Shi.”

Upon hearing that, Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile, but it didn’t last long before it disappeared again. “But, Xi Shi’s ending wasn’t happy at all…”

Ruan Zeyan had studied economics and management since he was a child. He had never studied Xi Shi’s ending. Now that Ling Tianya said that, he suddenly regretted what he had just said.

Upon seeing that Ruan Zeyan was a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, Ling Tianya knew that she was being willful. However, she just couldn’t help it. She couldn’t control the negative emotions in her heart at all.

“I’m sleepy. Let’s go to sleep.” Ling Tianya endured the pain in her stomach and forced a smile.

“Okay.” Ruan Zeyan kissed her face gently and carried her horizontally. Feeling the woman’s lightweight, Ruan Zeyan felt his heart sink again. She barely weighed anything now.

After putting the woman on the bed gently, Ruan Zeyan laid down beside her gently and held her in his arms. Not long after, Ling Tianya fell into a deep sleep.

During this period of time, Ling Tianya was most comfortable when she was asleep.