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Chapter 1325: Baby (4)

“When you’re happy, don’t forget that it’s my Yaya who’s pregnant and giving birth to the baby!” Ling Tao said gloomily, “It was so hard to get pregnant with one child before. so it’ll be even harder that you’re pregnant with two children at once now!”

Cheng Chen and Ling Tao had the same thoughts at this moment. Ling Tao was a few years older than Cheng Chen. In terms of looks, Ling Tao was obviously a greasy middle-aged men while Cheng Chen was more like a man with a temperament.

These two men, who had very different images and personalities, were standing in the same trenches because of the same daughter.

The goal was that no one could wrong their precious daughter, not even a frown was allowed!

Hearing Ling Tao’s words, Ruan Qishan could only put on a flattering smile, “Don’t worry, Tianya is not only your baby daughter, but also our Ruan family’s precious baby. We haven’t even had time to protect her, much less have her wronged.”

Mdm Ruan immediately said, “Our girl Ling is indeed having a tiring pregnancy, but the child in her belly is not just the Ruan family’s biological grandchild, but also your biological grandchild! If you ask me, our little Ling is just amazing!” Mdm Ruan patted her chest and said, “Today, I have made myself clear that from now on, our Ling has the final say on our Ruan family. If anyone dares to have her wronged, I will the first person to go after them!”

Mdm Ruan’s eyes drifted to her grandson, Ruan Zeyan, as she said, “You little brat, did you hear that? I was just saying it to you!”

Ruan Zeyan didn’t say anything in the face of his grandmother’s warning, but the gentleness and doting look in his eyes while looking Ling Tianya has told everything.

Hearing the Ruan family had already said that, Ling Tao and Cheng Chen wouldn’t be able to put on more the airs of father-in-laws anymore.

At that moment, Li Na carried Little Fantuan and walked over unhappily while glaring at the two men, “I said that you two should have enough! It’s a good thing that Tianya has a baby. If you two keeps doing this, once it is born, we won’t let the baby get to know you!”

Hearing this, Cheng Chen got upset, “How can that be? I’m the biological grandfather!”

Ling Tao hated hearing Cheng Chen’s words the most. “So what? I’ve raised Yaya for 20 years, how am I not comparable to you as biological grandfather?”

“Blood lineage, blood! Do you not understand? !”

“Screw your Bullsh*t blood! Look at you! A playboy as such doesn’t seem to be a grandpa at all! Don’t set a bad example for Yaya’s baby!”

“What a nonsense! Do you understand what fashion is? I’m in the entertainment industry unlike you! Besides, Tianya inherited her beauty from me, so the child will be more like me as well!”

“Bullsh*t! Yaya is more like Li Na, and she must be inherited from Li Na! And Yaya’s child will only be born like that brat Ruan Zeyan, not even possible for they baby to be like a grandfather who only has blood ties!”

All because of Li Na’s words, Cheng Chen and Ling Tao’s relationship as father-in-laws were completely destroyed. Watching the two of them, for such a boring reason, started to argue one after another, was very interesting.

Ling Tianya saw her two fathers fought tooth and nails against each other while feeling so much joy in her heart. Her body was gently snuggled in Ruan Zeyan’s arms, along with the quarrel between Cheng Chen and Ling Tao, she gradually felt sleepy and closed her eyes to sleep.