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Chapter 1324: Baby (3)

Upon seeing that Ruan Zeyan didn’t seem to take her request for help seriously, Ling Tianya could only ask shyly, “What about the reporters outside now?”

Remembering that there were still reporters outside, the elders immediately became serious. “Right. Right now, Lass Ling’s health is more important. Don’t let those flashing cameras scare you too much,” Madam Ruan said as she glanced at Ruan Zeyan. “Those reporters all followed you here. You go send them away! Seriously, as an adult, you can’t even get rid of a few reporters? It wouldn’t be embarrassing if word got out!”

Ruan Zeyan raised his eyebrows. When he came here, he had been focused on Ling Tianya and the child in her belly. How could he care about getting rid of those reporters?

Now, everything was his fault.

However, Ruan Zeyan was happy to see the elders on Ling Tianya’s side.

Therefore, Ruan Zeyan nodded and walked out.

As soon as Ruan Zeyan walked out, the commotion of the reporters and the sound of photos being taken could be heard in the clinic.

What Ruan Zeyan said to the reporters wasn’t known, but the commotion outside gradually died down. Not long after, Ruan Zeyan walked in and caressed Ling Tianya’s hair lovingly in front of the elders. “The reporters have already left.”

Ling Tianya let out a long sigh. She wasn’t afraid to face the reporters. It was just that today’s incident was a bit of a joke. After all, Ruan Zeyan had left the global live broadcast forum in public, but in the end, it was because of the fact that she was pregnant. If the reporters found out about this, who knew what they would say about the couple.

They finally returned to the manor with assurance, and everyone’s faces were filled with joy. Ling Tianya’s pregnancy was a joyous occasion for the Ruan family.

At first, Ms Wang was a little anxious. She had been invited back to take care of little rice dumpling when he was a baby. Now that little rice dumpling was already two years old, he could talk and walk. Furthermore, there were so many servants in the Ruan family, as well as chefs and nutritionists. After little rice dumpling grew a little older, he would no longer need her anymore.

Ms Wang really didn’t want to leave the Ruan family. Putting aside the fact that she already had an emotional connection with the Ruan family, this job in itself was something that many people could only wish for. The environment was good, the family was good, and the salary was high. She didn’t need to do anything else as long as she took good care of the young master, and the family even specially arranged someone to take care of her. Was she really here to work? She was clearly here to enjoy life.

However, as little rice dumpling grew older and older, although the family didn’t show any signs of wanting her to leave, Ms Wang herself was sensible. When the young master started kindergarten in the future, it would mean that she was no longer needed. She couldn’t just stay here indefinitely.

Now, the Young Madam was pregnant again, and she was pregnant with two children at once. Not only didn’t she have to leave now, but her presence also became very important.

In contrast to the jubilant atmosphere in the Ruan family, Cheng Chen and Ling Tao, the two fathers, had gloomy looks on their faces.

The elders of the Ruan family also noticed this. “I must say, in-laws, it’s a good thing that your daughter-in-law is pregnant. Why are you guys still unhappy?” Ruan Qishan asked.

Ling Tao looked at Ruan Qishan. In the past, he was a little afraid of the Ruan family. Ever since he woke up from his coma, he thought it through. Why should he be afraid of the Ruan Family? He married his precious daughter to Ruan Zeyan. It was the Ruan family who should be fawning over him!

When Ling Tao learned from Xiao Hong what had happened in the Ling family and the Ruan family while he was unconscious, his heart ached. His Yaya hadn’t had it easy. She had shouldered and solved so many things. It was definitely the Ruan family’s fortune that she married into the Ruan family!