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Chapter 1323: Baby (2)

Cheng Chen and Ling Tao’s faces instantly turned pale. They thought that Ling Tianya had some serious illness, so they pushed open the door and barged in without waiting for any explanation.

At this time, they didn’t care about whether the female clinic was a female clinic or not. The person inside was their daughter. Now that it was possibly a matter of life or death, how could they care about that?!

Ruan Qishan saw that Ling Tao and Cheng Chen had barged in, so he followed them in anxiously. His daughter-in-law was their family’s treasure, so how could Ruan Qishan not worry about it?

After the three men rushed in anxiously, the first thing they saw was Lina hugging Ling Tianya with tears welling up in her eyes. Wang Yazhi and Madam Ruan, who were standing by the side, were also wiping their tears.

The mens’ hearts turned cold, and Cheng Chen’s eyes turned red almost instantly. Ling Tao’s body began to tremble, and his expression became extremely sorrowful.

Ruan Qishan stared at her in disbelief. “Daughter-in-law… What happened to you, daughter-in-law?”

Ruan Qishan’s voice was trembling, and his eyes were fixed on Ling Tianya.

Upon seeing the three men barge in, Wang Yazhi wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, “Yaya… Yaya is too amazing!”

Ruan Qishan,”…”

Cheng Chen,”…”

Ling Tao,”…”

What did she mean? What did she mean by too amazing?

Upon seeing the expressions of the three men suddenly become relaxed, Madam Ruan asked with tears in her eyes, “Didn’t that kid Du Gang tell you guys?”

The three men shook their heads mechanically. Tell them what? That kid didn’t say anything and looked like he was holding back his poop.

Madam Ruan suddenly burst into laughter. “Lass Ling is pregnant! With two of them!”

What did she mean?!

The three men suddenly widened their eyes. What did they just hear?

Upon seeing that the three old men who were usually quite intelligent and wise now had dazed expressions, Madam Ruan said again, “Lass Ling is pregnant again. This time, there are two in her stomach. Twins!”

Madam Ruan became more and more excited as she spoke. She clasped her palms together and looked at the sky. “Old man, did you hear that? Our granddaughter-in-law is pregnant with twins this time! Our family tree will no longer be single-branched!”

It wasn’t unreasonable for Madam Ruan to be so excited. Ruan Qishan’s family had always been a one-child family. Moreover, when Madam Ruan gave birth to Ruan Qishan, he narrowly escaped stillbirth. When Wang Yazhi gave birth to Ruan Zeyan, he also narrowly escaped stillbirth. All their births were very difficult. The slightest mistake and the child would be lost. And for both of them, after giving birth to their first child, they had never been pregnant again.

It was because of this that Madam Ruan had been hated by the Qin Shi for so many years, and because of this that Ruan Qishan and Ruan Zeyan almost lost their lives at the hands of Ruan Guosheng and Ruan Guofu.

Now, Ling Tianya was pregnant again, and there were two of them at the same time. How could Madam Ruan not be happy!

The three men finally understood what had happened.

Ruan Qishan froze for a few seconds, then suddenly burst into laughter. At that moment, no words could describe the excitement and happiness in his heart.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was her father-in-law, Ruan Qishan really wanted to hug Ling Tianya, the hero of the Ruan family.

In contrast to her thrilled and excited elders, Ling Tianya felt like she was about to die from embarrassment.

She never thought that the matter would blow up to such a big extent that not only would the entire Ruan family be alarmed, but even her parents would also rush over.

There were still so many reporters outside, and all of them looking like they were waiting for the big news.

In the end, they received news that she was pregnant. Wouldn’t that be a big joke?

Ling Tianya looked at Ruan Zeyan for help. What should she do now? Things had gotten out of hand…

As if he didn’t take Ling Tianya’s concerns seriously, Ruan Zeyan’s handsome face had a gentle smile on it.