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Chapter 1321: Big Blunder (5)

Ling Tianya looked into Ruan Zeyan’s gentle eyes. She wanted to interrogate this man and teach him a lesson. But when she saw his eyes, Ling Tianya gave up the thought in her heart.

She was the one who had taken the birth control pills without Ruan Zeyan’s knowledge, even though she felt guilty every time she took the pills, and almost every time she took one, she would internally apologize to Ruan Zeyan.

However, her actions today had also shocked Ruan Zeyan.

Ling Tianya could clearly see that when the man barged in, even his face had changed. It was obvious that he was really anxious.

However, when he thought that the child had been aborted, he didn’t get angry at her. Not only didn’t he get angry at her, but he also comforted her in a soft voice and was worried about her health.

From that moment on, Ling Tianya no longer had any resentment in her heart.

Originally, she had taken the birth control pill to complete her own work. But now that she had a child, and there were two of them at once, Ling Tianya was willing to postpone her new book for the sake of the children.

After all, she could still write a new book in the future. If this one wasn’t enough, she could still write another one.

Thinking about the two little lives that were being nurtured inside, Ling Tianya’s little hand touched her stomach and she felt that it was magical.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taken birth control pills without telling you, but you also changed the pills without telling me, and I was so scared that I almost aborted our child.” Ling Tianya stood up and walked up to Ruan Zeyan. Her big innocent eyes were wide open. “And, during this period of time, every time I took the pills, I would say sorry to you in my heart. I promised you that I would give you another child, but in the end, I secretly took the pills. I felt guilty for a long time.”

Ling Tianya reached out and drew circles on the man’s chest with her small hands. “You scared me once, and I scared you once, so we’re even, okay?”

With an impassive expression, Ruan Zeyan looked down at Ling Tianya. Just as Ling Tianya thought the man was still angry at her, he pulled her into his arms.

“To me, you will always be the most important one. If you really don’t want a second child, you can tell me. I won’t force you. But, you shouldn’t secretly take pills. It’s not good for your health,” Ruan Zeyan said softly, “Also, there’s no such thing as getting even between us. This was my wrongdoing, my fault. After all, you are the one who will be giving birth, so I will always be the one owing you.”

Upon hearing Ruan Zeyan’s words, Ling Tianya’s heart felt warm. Her body felt soft as she snuggled into the man’s arms. It was supposed to be a romantic scene, but Ling Tianya suddenly said something mischevious, “However, Zhang Ke and Big One betrayed me. I’m not going to let this go. I’m going to get even with them!”

Outside the door, Big One suddenly sneezed.

“So, the Young Madam confiscated your phones, so the boss couldn’t contact you two?” Du Gang asked.

Big One rubbed his nose. “That’s right.”

“So, the Young Madam didn’t abort the child?” Du Gang asked with his eyes wide open.

“That’s right.” Big One nodded again and answered. He still remembered the look on the Young Madam’s face when she saw him secretly tipping him off. That look seemed to say: You’re dead meat, you rascal!

Thinking of this, Big One couldn’t help but shiver.

At this moment, there was commotion in the corridor again. Some of the reporters who were blocked outside followed them in and kept asking questions.

Du Gang, Big One, and Small One looked over and saw Ruan Qishan, Madam Ruan, Wang Yazhi, and Lina, who had all rushed over anxiously.

Behind these people, Cheng Chen and Ling Tao also came over with cold expressions…

Du Gang, “…”

Big One,”…”

Small One, “…”

This time, the blunder was big…everyone was alerted.