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Chapter 1320: Big Blunder (4)

The female doctor’s words made Ruan Zeyan freeze on the spot. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ling Tianya with a quizzical expression.

At that moment, there weren’t anymore tears in Ling Tianya’s eyes. Her little face blushed slightly as she looked at the female doctor. “Okay, sister Zhong. I got it.”

“Uh huh.” The female doctor nodded and turned to look at Ruan Zeyan, who was in a daze. “You must be Ling Ling’s husband, the wealthy CEO, right? Go home and take good care of your wife. It’s hard for women to get pregnant, not to mention the fact that Ling Ling is pregnant with two.”

Ruan Zeyan,”…”

Upon hearing the female doctor’s words, Ruan Zeyan was completely stunned. He didn’t expect the situation to change so drastically.

“Doctor, are you saying that Tianya didn’t abort her child?” Ruan Zeyan asked.

“Abort?” The female doctor smiled. “Why would she abort a perfectly healthy child?”

As she said that, the female doctor looked at Ling Tianya teasingly. “This silly girl can’t even tell the difference between birth control pills and vitamins. If I hadn’t looked at her medicine and confirmed that the pills were normal vitamins and not birth control pills, she would have made a huge mistake.”The female doctor paused and continued, “The chances of conceiving two twins aren’t high. Now that Ling Ling is pregnant, if she aborts the child because of this, wouldn’t that be an injustice?”

Ruan Zeyan didn’t know what expression to make at that moment. His beautiful eyes looked at Ling Tianya in disbelief.

The little woman raised her eyebrows at him, then stuck out her tongue, obviously conveying the message “Haha, you fell for it!”

Ruan Zeyan didn’t have time to get angry or react. All he could think about was how the female doctor had said that she was pregnant with two children.

“Doctor, are you saying that my wife is pregnant with twins?” Ruan Zeyan asked again.

The female doctor nodded. “That’s right, but we can’t determine whether they’re identical twins or fraternal twins. In short, what we’re seeing now are two baby buds. In two months time, Ling Ling will need to undergo a pregnancy test.”

After saying what she needed to say, the female doctor patted Ling Tianya on the shoulder. “Alright, I’ve done what I need to do. I still have a surgery later, so I won’t accompany you anymore Ling Ling. Your husband just happens to be here, so you guys can go home together. Remember, you must get adequate rest. As for your new book, we’ll postpone it for a while until the fetus is stable after three months.”

“Okay, thank you, sister Zhong.” Ling Tianya was really grateful to doctor Zhong. If it weren’t for her prudence and professionalism, Ling Tianya probably wouldn’t have known that she was pregnant or that the pills she had been taking weren’t birth control pills at all.

She almost harmed her child.

“What are you thanking me for! I’m leaving now.” The female doctor said and left the clinic with the nurse.

At that moment, only Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan were left in the room.

With an outsider present, Ling Tianya was too embarrassed to say that her medicine was switched by Ruan Zeyan. She could only say that she had taken the wrong medicine. That was why the female doctor said what she had just said.

Ling Tianya gave Ruan Zeyan the test results and the photo of the ultrasound.

“Let’s take a look.” Ling Tianya sat down on the chair and stared at Ruan Zeyan.

Ruan Zeyan looked at the two small things on the ultrasound scan and his eyes grew gentle. All his anxiety and nervousness disappeared in an instant.