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Chapter 1319: Big Blunder (3)

Upon seeing Ruan Zeyan, Ling Tianya was stunned. “Why are you here?”

“I’m asking if you aborted the child?” Ruan Zeyan’s tone of voice became anxious.

Upon hearing Ruan Zeyan’s anxious voice, Ling Tianya lowered her eyes. “How did you know about the child?”

Upon seeing how Ling Tianya lowered her eyes as she spoke, Ruan Zeyan took it for granted that Ling Tianya’s reaction was an expression of heartache and guilt.

“So you really aborted the child?” His voice trembling slightly, Ruan Zeyan asked again.

“I’m sorry, I lied to you. That bottle didn’t have vitamins in it. They were birth control pills.” As she spoke, Ling Tianya began to weep softly. “I took the pills, so I can’t keep this child. That would be irresponsible to her…”

Her shoulders trembling with sobs, she wept softly. Upon seeing Ling Tianya like that, Ruan Zeyan couldn’t get angry at all. His heart only ached.

Actually, he wanted to say that the pills Zhang Ke bought weren’t birth control pills at all, just normal vitamins. When Ling Tianya asked Zhang Ke to buy birth control pills, he already found out, so he asked Big One to change the pills into vitamins.

But at that moment, Ruan Zeyan couldn’t say it. He would rather let Ling Tianya think that she had taken the pills and had no choice but to abort the child. He didn’t want her to blame herself and suffer after she found out the truth.

However, Ruan Zeyan’s heart was in pain. Ling Tianya aborted his biological child.

However, compared to the child that he wasn’t destined to meet, he thought that Ling Tianya was more important.

Therefore, he hugged Ling Tianya and comforted her softly. “Don’t cry. We will have another child.”

“Aren’t you angry? I secretly took birth control pills…” Ling Tianya raised her head and looked at Ruan Zeyan with tears in her eyes.

How could he not be angry? When he found out that Ling Tianya took birth control pills in order not to have a child, he was extremely angry. He thought that if Ling Tianya really didn’t want to have a child, she could have just told him. Why did she have to secretly take birth control pills that were harmful to her body?

That was why, in a fit of anger, he secretly changed the birth control pills to vitamins. He wanted to punish Ling Tianya for secretly taking the birth control pills.

He just didn’t expect the result to be like this. It was as if he was not only punishing Ling Tianya, but also punishing himself and their innocent child.

His heart really aching, Ruan Zeyan pursed his lips.

“I forgive you. I’m not angry.” Ruan Zeyan comforted Ling Tianya softly. “You just finished the surgery, and your body is still very weak. Let’s go home, okay?”

“Yo! What are you doing? Are you two crying from joy?” The female doctor walked out with all kinds of test results and reports. The first thing she saw was Ruan Zeyan hugging the crying Ling Tianya and comforting her softly.

Crying from Joy? Upon hearing the female doctor’s words, Ruan Zeyan’s face darkened.

Upon seeing that Ruan Zeyan’s face suddenly darkened, the female doctor was a little confused. However, she was a doctor who had seen all sorts of things, so she was better composed than the nurse just now.

Therefore, the female doctor came over with all kinds of test results and reports for Ling Tianya. “Ling Ling, you didn’t take your test results and reports. Here, take them.” After handing the things to Ling Tianya, the female doctor continued, “It’s still early for you to have a check-up now, so wait to do it after two months. Just stay at home and take care of yourself for the next few days. Don’t do any strenuous exercise, don’t stretch your stomach, and don’t eat any cold food.”