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Chapter 1317: Big Blunder (1)

In front of the television, Madam Ruan, Wang Yazhi, and Lina were all dumbfounded. How could such a good speech be ended with just a few words?

And it was on such an important economic forum. More importantly, the entire process was broadcast live, which meant that Ruan Zeyan’s performance had already been broadcast globally.

It was possible that this matter would soon appear on the headlines of every major economic forum in the world!

“What’s wrong with Zeyan? He’s not such an insensible person!” Her face full of confusion, Wang Yazhi asked.

Madam Ruan nodded. “Something more important must have happened. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like him to act like this.”

Lina also agreed. “From his expression when he left just now, something must have happened.”

“It’s useless for us to guess. I’ll give him a call.” Madam Ruan picked up the phone and dialed Ruan Zeyan’s number, but the line was busy.

On the other side, Ruan Zeyan, who was already in the car, was calling Ling Tianya nonstop. However, Ling Tianya’s phone was switched off the entire time. He couldn’t even get through Big One and Small One’s phones either.

Ruan Zeyan’s heart was burning with anxiety. At that moment, his phone rang. Ruan Zeyan thought it was Ling Tianya calling, so he picked it up without even looking.

However, Ruan Qishan’s roar came from the phone, “What the h*ll is wrong with you! What happened? Why did you leave such an important forum so quickly? Don’t you know that it’s a global live broadcast? Aren’t you afraid that your actions will yield negative consequences?!”

Ruan Zeyan was frustrated so he wasn’t in the mood to care about Ruan Qishan. “What can affect me, Ruan Zeyan? I’m hanging up!”

After that, Ruan Zeyan directly hung up on Ruan Qishan, and he also hung up on the words that Ruan Qishan yet had time to roar.

“Du Gang, go faster.” Ruan Zeyan coldly ordered Du Gang, who was driving ahead. His tone was like the icy Arctic snow in cold winter, and caused Du Gang to shiver.

Young Madam… please don’t be rash…

On the other side, Ruan Qishan, who was hung up on by his son, threw his phone on the ground in anger. Today, if Ruan Zeyan didn’t give him a reasonable explanation, he wouldn’t let him off the hook!

Ruan Qishan called his assistant. “Go! Find out where Ruan Zeyan went and what he went to do!”

Ruan Qishan’s assistant hadn’t seen the Chairman this angry in a long time. He immediately went to contact someone to ask about Ruan Zeyan’s whereabouts.

Not long after, the assistant came back. “I just asked. The president seems to have gone to the Central Hospital.”

“Gone to the hospital? Why would he go there?!” Ruan Qishan was furious. He couldn’t believe it. Why would he leave the forum and go to the hospital?!

“I’m not sure about the details, but it seems that young madam is there too,” the assistant said truthfully.

“My daughter-in-law?” Ruan Qishan’s expression changed. “Did something happen to her?”

The only person who could make his son lose his common sense was his daughter-in-law. After thinking this through, Ruan Qishan immediately became anxious. “Quickly get the driver to prepare. We’re going to the central hospital too. Oh right, call home and tell them to prepare themselves mentally. It’s best if they all go to the hospital. I don’t know what happened to her, but I hope for the best!”

After the assistant heard the order, he immediately went to do it.

At that moment, Ruan Qishan couldn’t be bothered to be angry anymore. Compared to Ling Tianya, those so-called forums were nothing.