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Chapter 1316: You’re Pregnant (5)

Upon hearing the female doctor’s words, Ling Tianya’s entire body trembled, and her hand instinctively touched her stomach.

At that moment, she wished that it was a false alarm. She wasn’t pregnant, and everything was fine.

If she was really pregnant…

Could it be that she really wouldn’t be able to keep it..

Ling Tianya’s heart tightened at the thought of that.

In the office, holding a series of examination reports and information in her hands, the female doctor’s expression was very serious.

“Ling Ling, you’re indeed pregnant, about six weeks pregnant. Although the month is still early, we can basically determine that there are two embryo buds in your uterus, so they’re twins.”

The female doctor’s words were like a bolt of lightning striking Ling Tianya directly. She was indeed pregnant, and with two at once.

But, she took the pills…

“Sister Zhong, since I took the pills, will it affect the child?”

“That’s for sure.” The female doctor gave an affirmative answer. “So, Ling Ling, the decision is up to you now. Do you plan to abort the child while it’s still in the embryo buds, or wait for the child to grow longer before making a decision?”

The female doctor sighed. “Actually, under normal circumstances, I would advise a pregnant woman to get rid of the baby directly, because under the influence of the pills, your baby definitely wouldn’t be healthy. Perhaps the baby would die before it even reaches full-term. However, your relationship with me is different, and that’s why I’m saying this. Think about it carefully.”

The more the female doctor thought about it, the more incredulous she felt. “But, Ling Ling, I still can’t figure it out. If you took birth control pills the entire time, it’s impossible for you to get pregnant, unless there’s something wrong with your pills.” The female doctor looked at Ling Tianya seriously. “What kind of pills were you taking? Do you have them with you? Show them to me.”

In the living room of the manor, Lina was sitting on the sofa with little rice dumpling in her arms. Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi were sitting beside her. The three women and little rice dumpling were watching TV.

At that moment, a large international economic forum was being broadcast live on TV. As the representative of Asia’s leading economic figures, Ruan Zeyan was walking up to the stage to make a speech.

The man standing in front of the podium was dressed in a straight suit. His impassive face and his overpowering presence instantly made everyone else pale in comparison.

Reporters from all over the world all aimed their cameras at Ruan Zeyan. They set up their computers and prepared to record Ruan Zeyan’s speech.

Lina pointed at Ruan Zeyan on the television and said to little rice dumpling, “Baby, look, it’s Daddy. See if it’s Daddy?”

Little rice dumpling also saw Ruan Zeyan on the television. He immediately jumped up in Lina’s arms and clapped his little hands. “Daddy! Daddy!”

Then, little rice dumpling grabbed Lina’s hands again. “Grandma, why is Daddy inside?”

Little rice dumpling was asking why Ruan Zeyan was inside the TV.

Madam Ruan chuckled. “That’s because your daddy is awesome. In the future, our little rice dumpling has to be as awesome as Daddy so you can go on TV every day, ok?”

Although little rice dumpling still didn’t quite understand what his grandmother meant, he nodded his head vigorously. “Okay! I’ll go on TV!”

Ruan Zeyan was standing on the podium giving a speech. His voice was very magnetic, while his speech was very novel and well-reasoned.

At that moment, there seemed to be some sort of situation at the scene. Du Gang walked onto the stage with a nervous expression and whispered something into Ruan Zeyan’s ear.

Ruan Zeyan’s expression suddenly froze, and he immediately said into the microphone, “I’m sorry, but my speech is over!”

With that, he walked off the stage, then left the venue with a cold and nervous expression.