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Chapter 1315: You’re Pregnant (4)

Ling Tianya felt even more embarrassed when the female doctor said that. Through her interviews during this period of time, she realized that it was already very difficult for these doctors to eat on time, and today, the female doctor finally managed to go to the cafeteria for a meal, but she ruined it.

At this moment, the nurse came in with Ling Tianya’s test report and handed it to the female doctor.

The female doctor took the report and looked at it carefully. Then, a smile appeared on her serious face.

“Sister Zhong, what’s wrong?” Ling Tianya didn’t understand. Why was the female doctor smiling at her test report.

The female doctor placed the test report in front of Ling Tianya. “Little Ling, did you know that you’re that pregnant?”

Upon hearing this news, Ling Tianya was petrified on the spot, as if she wasn’t sure what she heard.

“Sister Zhong, what did you say? What happened to me?” Ling Tianya repeated.

“You’re pregnant!” The female doctor was very happy. “Also, according to the HCG value shown in the report, your value is obviously on the high side. Based on my experience, it’s possible that you’re pregnant with twins, but I’m not sure either. Everything will depend on the results of the system’s tests.”



Ling Tianya felt like her head was about to explode. “How is this possible? This is impossible…”

“Ling Ling, what are you talking about? Getting pregnant is a celebratory event, and the national policy has already been relaxed into allowing two children. I know that you gave birth to a son by Caesarean section, and it has been almost two years since you last gave birth. It should be said that your current body is suitable for pregnancy and delivery, so you should be happy.” No matter what, the female doctor was very happy. Through this period of contact with Ling Tianya, she really started to take a liking to this young female writer.

However, looking at Ling Tianya’s strong reaction just now and the HCG value that she reported, the female doctor estimated that her pregnancy reaction this time would be very serious. This book about hospital obstetrics and gynecology would probably have to be delayed again.

Despite the female doctor’s happiness, Ling Tianya’s body started to tremble, and her face instantly turned pale.

The female doctor finally realized that something was wrong with Ling Tianya, and she asked, “Ling Ling, what’s wrong? What happened?”

Ling Tianya looked at the female doctor. “Sister Zhong, I’ve been taking birth control pills this entire time, the entire time… I’ve never stopped taking them… so how did I get pregnant?”

“What?” The female doctor was also shocked. If she had been taking birth control pills all this time, it was impossible for her to get pregnant. However, according to the report, Ling Tianya was indeed pregnant. “Ling Ling, tell me, when was the last time you had your period?”

Ling Tianya thought nervously. “It should be at the beginning of last month, or at the end of last month. I can’t remember, but I haven’t been here for a long time. I thought it was caused by taking birth control pills, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Besides, my period had always been unstable.”

Ling Tianya had never taken birth control pills before, sp she didn’t know what happened after taking birth control pills. She thought that if she didn’t have her period, it was caused by taking birth control pills. If she didn’t have her period, she wouldn’t ovulate, and she wouldn’t have a child.

The female doctor’s expression became serious at that moment. “How about this, you go and have an ultrasound. If you’re pregnant, it’s already six to seven weeks, so you can see it with an ultrasound. If you aren’t pregnant, then it is just a false alarm. If you’re really pregnant, then according to what you said, since you took birth control pills, then you can’t keep the child.”