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Chapter 1314: You’re Pregnant (3)

Because they were in the hospital, Ling Tianya suddenly retching immediately got the attention of the female doctor and the nearby doctors.

Big One and Small One also put down their chopsticks and quickly came to Ling Tianya’s side. They looked at Ling Tianya with worry, and Big One was even ready to call Ruan Zeyan at any moment.

“Ling Ling, what’s wrong?” Gently stroking her back and her eyes carefully observing Ling Tianya, the female doctor walked to Ling Tianya’s side and thoughtfully handed her water.

Ling Tianya’s stomach churned for a while before she straightened her back and took the glass of water from the female doctor’s hand. She drank a few mouthfuls of warm water, and the churning in her stomach finally calmed down a little.

“What’s wrong? The food isn’t to your taste, or are you feeling unwell somewhere?” The female doctor asked.

Ling Tianya looked apologetically at the female doctor and the doctors around her who were paying attention to her. After all, this was the canteen. Even though she only vomited dryly and didn’t actually vomit, it would probably affect the others.

The surrounding doctors and nurses saw that Ling Tianya was fine, and there were doctors around, so they didn’t pay any more attention to Ling Tianya. Actually, Ling Tianya was overthinking it. As doctors and nurses, they had seen all kinds of disgusting and bloody scenes. Ling Tianya only vomited a few times, so it didn’t affect them at all.

“The food was very delicious, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. I was fine initially, but when I was eating the braised meat just now, I suddenly felt that the meat was very fishy, and the oil was very heavy, so I couldn’t help it.” Ling Tianya didn’t want the female doctor to misunderstand that she was too high-maintenance to eat anything from the hospital cafeteria. Actually, these dishes were quite to her liking, especially the braised meat. For someone like her who liked sweet and sour food, it was definitely irresistibly delicious.

But for some reason, when she put it in her mouth, she had such a strong reaction.

Now that she thought about it, it was very similar to the strong pregnancy reaction she got when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling.

However, she had been taking birth control pills recently, so how could she be pregnant?

Therefore, thinking that it was just simple gastrointestinal discomfort, Ling Tianya automatically denied the fact that she was pregnant.

However, as a doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department, the female doctor saw things much more clearly than Ling Tianya.

Lethargy, nausea, and retching were all typical pregnancy symptoms. Moreover, from her observation, Ling Tianya’s face also appeared a little tired, and that made the female doctor even more suspicious.

So she snatched the chopsticks from Ling Tianya’s hands. “If you can’t eat these, then don’t eat them. I’ll take you to have a blood test.”

Upon hearing that she was going to have a blood test, Ling Tianya was stunned. “Sister Zhong, what’s the blood test for? I just had an upset stomach. It’s an old problem. I didn’t pay attention to my health when I was abroad, and I often didn’t eat on time and liked to drink iced coffee, so I hurt my stomach’s health.”

In the end, the female doctor pulled Ling Tianya up without any explanation. “We’re in the hospital now anyway. It’s not a big deal to take a blood test. Listen to me and follow me.”

Upon seeing that the female doctor insisted on letting her take a blood test, Ling Tianya had no choice but to follow her. She thought that it would be a good opportunity to get more material.

Therefore, the reason Ling Tianya cooperated with the female doctor was to get more information. She didn’t think about anything else at all.

It was noon, and there weren’t many people taking blood tests. Ling Tianya took a blood test very quickly. After the test, she sat in the female doctor’s office and waited for the report.

“Sister Zhong, I’m sorry. Because of me, you didn’t even finish your lunch.” Ling Tianya felt a little guilty. “How about I get someone to buy you some food?”

The female doctor shook her head. “It’s okay. I have some bread in my drawer. I’ll eat it when I’m hungry.”