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Chapter 1311: Little Rice Dumpling

Even though the topic was a little awkward, the elders still sided with little rice dumpling. They openly declared that Ruan Zeyan wasn’t allowed to kiss Ling Tianya anymore.

Of course, they said that only for the child to hear. As long as Ruan Zeyan didn’t kiss Ling Tianya in front of the child, no one would stop him.

However, that was also one of the reasons why Ruan Zeyan wanted Ling Tianya to have a second child. First of all, he really hoped that little rice dumpling would have a younger brother or sister in the future. When he and Ling Tianya were old, little rice dumpling would also have a younger brother or sister to support him. After all, he was Ruan Zeyan’s eldest son, he would definitely inherit the position of the head of the family in the future.

Secondly, little rice dumpling was the only child in the Ruan family right now. All the adults revolved around him. They spoiled him so much that they even dared to diss him, his father, in public. What would happen if things continued like this? Wouldn’t he become a little bully?

When Ruan Zeyan thought of that, he seemed to have forgotten that when he was young, he was also spoiled beyond control. He had already become a little bully back then, and his bullying had continued until now.

In short, Ruan Zeyan felt that he had to have another child to divert the attention of the elders. He couldn’t only pamper little rice dumpling.

The point was that this child had always been against him, and now he even wouldn’t let his wife kiss him. He had to treat him.

With that thought in mind, Ruan Zeyan looked at Ling Tianya with a fiery gaze that seemed to melt Ling Tianya.

Even with her head lowered, Ling Tianya could feel Ruan Zeyan’s fiery gaze, and she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

Ling Tianya actually had a relatively bad eating habit. She liked to drink water during dinner, or else she would feel that the food was too dry to eat.

At dinner time, the helper served Ling Tianya a glass of ice water as usual. Ling Tianya was just about to drink it, but Ruan Zeyan snatched it away and put the ice water back into the helper’s tray.

“Get another glass of warm water,” Ruan Zeyan ordered coldly.

“Why? But I want to drink ice water,” Ling Tianya asked in confusion.

Ruan Zeyan didn’t answer Ling Tianya. He simply asked the maid to change the cold water into warm water. “Young madam can only drink warm water from now on, so don’t give her anything cold.”

Ling Tianya, ” … ”

What was wrong with this man?

One and a half month later…

Because the heroine of this book was a doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department, Ling Tianya would come to the hospital every once in a while. On the premise that it wouldn’t affect the work of the obstetrics and gynecology doctors, she would observe their daily work, and some unusual cases.

She had been in a public hospital while looking for an interviewee, so even after she married Ruan Zeyan, she didn’t go to the hospital under the Ruan family’s name for an interview.

Today, the interviewee was in the clinic in the morning and was a little busy. When Ling Tianya went, she still had a few patients, so she asked Ling Tianya to wait for a while.

Ling Tianya was sitting on a chair in the hospital corridor while the television above her head was still broadcasting the news. Such a scene reminded Ling Tianya of the time when she was here before she married Ruan Zeyan. In the end, Ruan Zeyan thought she was here for an abortion and carried her out.

Time flew by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, she and Ruan Zeyan’s child could talk.

With that thought, Ling Tianya felt her eyelids grow heavier and heavier. Her vision became more and more blurry, and a strong wave of sleepiness overcame her..