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Chapter 1310: I Can’t Kiss My Wife?

Ruan Zeyan returned home before dinner. Upon seeing that Ruan Zeyan was back so early, Ruan Qishan was a little surprised. “Why are you back so early today? Aren’t you going to attend the Gu family’s banquet?”

“I called Gu Zhiqian and brushed off the invitation,” Ruan Zeyan said lightly while taking off his suit jacket and handing it to the helper.

“It’s not appropriate for you to brush off the Gu family’s banquet like that. Is there any special reason?” Ruan Qishan asked. Under normal circumstances, Ruan Zeyan would definitely attend a family party with family friends like the Gu family. Today’s circumstance was rare.

“There’s no reason. It’s just that I can’t drink right now,” Ruan Zeyan said expressionlessly, then looked at little rice dumpling, who was running towards him.

“Daddy!” Little Rice dumpling ran over endearingly and hugged Ruan Zeyan’s thigh.

Actually, this kid was usually very cute. However, once he became stubborn, he was very irritating. No one knew who he inherited it from.

Ruan Zeyan picked up little rice dumpling and looked at Ling Tianya, who was following behind him.

Uh huh, he was like his mother…

“You’re back.” Ling Tianya walked over with a smile and planted a kiss on the man’s cheek.

Ruan Zeyan obviously enjoyed the kiss. He hugged the baby with one arm and pulled Ling Tianya into his arms with the other arm. He gave her a deep kiss right in front of him.

Little rice dumpling saw Ruan Zeyan kiss his beloved mother right in front of him. His little hands grabbing onto Ruan Zeyan, he got angry immediately. “She’s mine! Daddy can’t kiss her!”

However, little rice dumpling was too weak, and he couldn’t pull Ruan Zeyan at all, so he started crying. “Mommy, my… daddy was bad… ”

Ling Tianya immediately pushed Ruan Zeyan away when she heard little rice dumpling’s crying. She pulled the child away from Ruan Zeyan’s arms and comforted him softly, “Okay, mommy is yours, I won’t let daddy kiss me.”

Ruan Zeyan, ” … ”

At that moment, the elders in the house heard little rice dumpling’s crying and rushed over one by one.

Lina was the one who couldn’t bear to see little rice dumpling cry the most. Looking at those tearful eyes, she felt like her heart was crushed. Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi felt the same.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying when you were fine moments ago?” Madam Ruan asked impatiently. Upon seeing Ruan Zeyan’s dark expression, she knew it had something to do with him again.

“Great-grandmother… ” Little rice dumpling called out to Madam Ruan in a childish voice.

Him crying “great-grandmother” made Madam Ruan’s heart melt. Now, no matter what request little rice dumpling made to her, she would probably agree without even thinking.

“What’s wrong, my big baby? Why are you so pitiful?” Madam Ruan walked over and rubbed little rice dumpling’s little face with both hands. “Tell great-grandmother, who bullied you? Great-grandmother will teach him a lesson!”

“Daddy!” Little Rice dumpling pointed at Ruan Zeyan.

As expected!

Therefore, Madam Ruan, Wang Yazhi, and Lina all shot daggers at Ruan Zeyan together.

Completely baffled, Ruan Zeyan pursed his lips.

“Tell Grandma, did your daddy yell at you again?” Madam Ruan continued to ask.

Little rice dumpling shook his head and said, “Daddy… daddy… kissed mommy! Mommy is mine, daddy can’t kiss mommy!”

Madam Ruan, ” … ”

Wang Yazhi, ” … ”

Lina, ” … ”

Ruan Qishan, who had just walked over, was at a loss when he saw such a scene.

What was going on?

Blushing and not knowing what to do, Ling Tianya hugged little rice dumpling and lowered her head.

Ruan Zeyan’s face was sulky. So, I can’t kiss my wife?