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Chapter 1309: Careful Thoughts

Ling Tianya didn’t expect Ruan Zeyan to remember about the vitamins. Upon hearing Ruan Zeyan’s words, she nodded immediately. “Oh, I won’t forget.”

Of course she wouldn’t forget. She had to take them. If she didn’t take them, based on Ruan Zeyan’s ferocity during this period of time, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to get pregnant?

Her novel had just started, and she still had some interviews to do and some material to gather. Wouldn’t getting pregnant at this time be a waste of time?

Moreover, based on her experience when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, her pregnancy symptoms were very severe. She was lethargic, lost her appetite, nauseous, vomited… these symptoms lasted for a long time. Until she was five to six months pregnant, only then did the symptoms completely disappear.

Ling Tianya thought about it. After Ruan Zeyan went to work, she dragged her sore body to the study and took a pill.

As she took it, she apologized to Ruan Zeyan in her heart. The feeling of guilt was really uncomfortable.

Lina went back to China this time to stay for a longer period of time. She had already found a new assistant, and the company had already hired a management team to manage it. She only needed to read the report every week and listen to the report. Therefore, Lina wasn’t planning to return to Europe in the near future.

Initially, Lina had planned to buy a house near the manor and move there. It wasn’t suitable for her to live in the Ruan family because she was an in-law. She would buy a house nearby so that she wouldn’t disturb the Ruan family, but she would also be closer to little rice dumpling and Ling Tianya.

Ling Tianya didn’t have any objections to this, but she didn’t need Lina to buy any more houses. There were many houses under her name, and Lina could choose any one of them to live in.

However, Wang Yazhi raised an objection. In Wang Yazhi’s words, the manor was so big and there were so many rooms. Why would Lina still want to live outside?

She didn’t think that Lina was disturbing them at all. On the contrary, Wang Yazhi especially liked to be together with Lina. The two of them were like sisters, and as long as they were together, they would have endless conversations.

Wang Yazhi liked to praise Ling Tianya, and Lina liked to hear Wang Yazhi praise Ling Tianya. Lina liked to blame Ruan Zeyan for nothing, but Wang Yazhi didn’t get angry either. She even went along with Lina.

Madam Ruan didn’t want Lina to move out either. As long as Lina was around, Wang Yazhi would pester Lina and stop pestering her, an old lady. That way, she would be at ease. She could tease her great-grandson if she had nothing to do, and could also tend to her flowers and plants.

In short, Wang Yazhi not wandering around in front of her would be the best.

As for Ruan Qishan, as an in-law, it wasn’t convenient for him to express his stance.

However, Lina and Ruan Qishan were both respectful people. They both tacitly knew to never spend time alone. Usually, apart from eating together, they didn’t have many opportunities to interact with each other.

Therefore, Ruan Qishan didn’t have any objections to Lina departing or staying. He completely respected Lina. Just like what Wang Yazhi said, the manor was so big and there were so many rooms. There was no need for Lina to go out and stay.

Moreover, Ruan Qishan still hoped that Lina would stay, because Lina could spend more time with Wang Yazhi. Wang Yazhi was simple-minded, and her so-called BFFs did nothing but flatter and scheme against her. There were barely any people who were sincerely friends with her. However, Lina was one of the rare few who treated her sincerely. As long as Wang Yazhi was happy, Ruan Qishan would be happy too.

Just like that, Lina was unable to move out of the Ruan family’s manor in the end.