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Chapter 1308: Vtamins

Ruan Zeyan looked at Ling Tianya, then shook his head. “I didn’t drink too much.”

With that said, the man walked in slowly and picked up the medicine bottle that Ling Tianya had placed on the table. “What’s this?”

Ling Tianya took the medicine bottle from the man’s hand. “Oh, this is a vitamin supplement. It’s good for your body. It says that it’s a vitamin supplement on the bottle.”

In order to prove that the bottle contained vitamins, Ling Tianya even showed the label to Ruan Zeyan.

Ruan Zeyan looked at the bottle of vitamins and then at Ling Tianya.

Ling Tianya was a little nervous. Did this man know something? That was impossible. She had asked Zhang Ke to buy the medicine. This man couldn’t have known.

Perhaps because she had done something wrong, Ling Tianya felt a little guilty. She quickly put down the bottle and pushed Ruan Zeyan away while complaining, “You go take a shower. Your body reeks of alcohol! Didn’t you say you want a second child? Then you have to stop drinking in the future. Drinking isn’t good for the child!”

Ruan Zeyan let Ling Tianya push him to the bathroom door. Ling Tianya then obediently went to the cloakroom to get Ruan Zeyan’s clean underwear and pajamas, then handed them to Ruan Zeyan. “Hurry up and take a shower, then go to sleep. Although you don’t feel bad now, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll still have a headache tomorrow morning.”

The man took the clothes Ling Tianya handed him and stared at her for two seconds. Then he reached out to pinch her delicate chin. “Good girl.”

With that said, the man walked into the bathroom. Not long after, the sound of water came from the bathroom.

Outside the bathroom, Ling Tianya let out a long sigh of relief. She almost gave herself away in front of Ruan Zeyan. It seemed that her skills had deteriorated, especially in front of Ruan Zeyan. She could no longer lie with a straight face…

When she returned to the study and saw the bottle of vitamins, Ling Tianya put the bottle in the drawer.

In reality, the bottle wasn’t filled with vitamins, but birth control pills instead.

It was her first time taking something like that. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to give birth to a second child for Ruan Zeyan, but she wanted to wholeheartedly complete her new book. As long as she was given a few months to complete the novel, she would stop taking her birth control pills.

However, she had lied to Ruan Zeyan after all. This kind of feeling made Ling Tianya feel very uneasy.

Ling Tianya felt guilty, especially when she looked into Ruan Zeyan’s eyes.

Ling Tianya had finished writing the part she planned on completing that day. When she returned to her room, the man on the bed was already asleep with his eyes closed. The man’s sleeping posture was very quiet, and his breathing was even.

Ling Tianya was afraid of waking Ruan Zeyan, so she quietly turned off the lights in the room, then carefully lifted the blanket and laid down.

In the end, the moment she laid down, she was embraced by the man beside her.

“Did I wake you up?” Ling Tianya asked softly.

The response to her wasn’t the man’s answer, but the man’s domineering kiss that had some anger in it.

Ruan Zeyan would kiss her and bite her from time to time. His big hands moved wildly around Ling Tianya’s skin and makde her moan.

It was said that after a man drank, his sexual desires would be particularly strong, and now it seemed to be true.

Not long after, Ling Tianya was defeated by Ruan Zeyan’s strong attacks. She moaned and begged like a little animal.

Ruan Zeyan remained silent the entire time. He kissed her, took her, and attacked her until both of them reached their peak.

It was daybreak, but Ling Tianya couldn’t get out of bed as usual. She sat there and watched Ruan Zeyan wash up. He then walked over to the bed to kiss her goodbye.

The man leaned over and kissed Ling Tianya’s forehead and lips. Then he got up, rearranged his sleeves, and said nonchalantly, “Remember to take your vitamins.”