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Chapter 1304: About The Second Child (2)

At that moment, little rice dumpling was reaching out his little hand to Lina with an aggrieved look on his face. He pouted his lips and looked like he was in tears. He kept shouting, “Grandma, I want Grandma ~ Daddy was mean!”

Upon seeing little rice dumpling expression, Lina’s heart tightened. She ran to Ruan Zeyan in a few steps and snatched little rice dumpling away from Ruan Zeyan’s hand. She didn’t forget to glare at him. “What did you do! How could you bully a child to such an extent!”

Ruan Zeyan, ” … ”

He looked at a loss for words as he looked at little rice dumpling with displeasure.

Upon realizing that his father was glaring at him, little rice dumpling immediately hugged Lina’s neck with an aggrieved expression. “Grandma, daddy is glaring…”

Lina looked up and indeed saw Ruan Zeyan glaring at them with displeasure.Little rice dumpling was just a child. With Ruan Zeyan’s cold expression, how could he not be afraid?

“Turn around! Don’t look at my grandson!” Lina scolded Ruan Zeyan sternly.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became strange. Du Gang, Big One, and Small One, who had come along with them, looked at their boss, who was usually very powerful and influential. Now he was being scolded by his mother-in-law in public, and it was because little rice dumpling complained first despite being guilty of misbehaving…

Seems like it is indeed true that familial affection is separated by generations. From Chairwoman Li’s protectiveness, it was likely that in the future, the boss’s status in the family and in front of little rice dumpling would plummet.

After Lina reprimanded Ruan Zeyan, she began to comfort little rice dumpling in her arms in a soft voice, “It’s okay, Grandma has already told your dad and he won’t dare to gtare at you anymore. If he glares at you again, Grandma will teach him a lesson.”

Upon hearing Lina’s words, Ling Tianya and Wang Yazhi both pursed their lips and started to laugh.

His expression extremely exasperated, Ruan Zeyan raised his eyebrows.

So, his son had found a stronger backer than him now, right?

Lina didn’t care about that. She carried little rice dumpling and walked forward. There would be someone pushing her luggage behind her anyway.

“Big baby, tell grandma. How did your dad bully you just now?”

Ruan Zeyan, ” … ”

Little rice dumpling leaned against Lina’s body and said without a change in expression, “Daddy wouldn’t let me down. Daddy was mean!”

Upon hearing that, Lina vaguely grasped what was going on. Although she had been staying in Europe for the past few days, she had been video-chatting with little rice dumpling almost every day. It could be said that she had watched the child grow up, so little rice dumpling was no stranger to Lina.

It hadn’t been long since the child was able to walk on his own. Children of his age almost always wanted to run before they could walk properly. In the video, she had seen that little rice dumpling had fallen while running a few times.

However, that was only at home, and the ground was very soft. Even if he fell, it wouldn’t be a problem. The ground at the airport was too hard, and there were too many people. It wouldn’t be good if he fell.

Ruan Zeyan was probably worried about that, and that was why he didn’t let little rice dumpling run around on the ground.

However, even if Lina knew, he still couldn’t be mean to her grandson!

“Big baby, be good. The ground here is too hard. Daddy was afraid that it would hurt if you fell, so he didn’t let you get on the ground. When we get home, grandma will play with you, okay?” Lina asked softly to comfort him.

“Okay.” Little rice dumpling was surprisingly obedient. He nodded his head and blinked his big eyes.

“Uh huh, my big baby is the most obedient.” After comforting little rice dumpling, Lina turned around and glared at Ruan Zeyan. “You too. Can’t you be gentler when talking to your child? Can’t you be reasonable? Look at you. If you were nice, how could little rice dumpling not be obedient? You just had to have that cold expression to scare people. Don’t you know that when your subordinates see your cold expression, their legs turn to jelly? You even dared to frighten your son!”