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Chapter 1302: Fullfill Her

In Zhang Heng’s office, William was sitting there with a sulky expression on his face, while Yu Luoluo was standing across from Zhang Heng.

Not long after, Ling Tianya, who had rushed over after hearing the news, walked in. “Luoluo.”

Upon seeing Ling Tianya, Yu Luoluo’s face revealed a charming smile. “Sister Tianya, you’re here.”

“Uh huh.” Ling Tianya nodded. “I just received a call from Director Zhang. He said that you want to try out for the female lead of ‘The Final Battle’, right?”

Because the shooting period of this movie was too long, originally, Ling Tianya and Zhang Heng hadn’t considered rising stars or artists who had just debuted. Because the early stages of skills and physical training, as well as the later stages of shooting, were all closed-ended, it was equivalent to the actors who took on the role disappearing from the public’s sight for one to two years.

“Yes, I want to challenge myself,” Yu Luoluo’s reply was sonorous and forceful. “Although I’m still a rookie, I have confidence in myself. I believe that I’m qualified for this role, so I came to director Zhang for an audition.” After saying that, yu Luoluo looked at Zhang Heng and said with certainty, “I know that Director Zhang is very strict in the selection of actors, and I’ve already mentally prepared myself. Director Zhang, please ignore my relationship with sister Tianya. If you think that I can’t do it, don’t feel pressured. After all, this movie is still the most important thing.”

Upon hearing Yu Luoluo’s words, Zhang Heng nodded his head in satisfaction. “Alright then, you can give it a try. Right now, the entire script still isn’t out yet. These are a few scenes that have been changed at the last minute for the actors’ audition. Take a look first.”

As he spoke, Zhang Heng handed the script to Yu Luoluo.

Zhang Heng had originally been worried about the relationship between Yu Luoluo and Ling Tianya, so when he saw that she had come to look for him for an audition, he immediately called Ling Tianya to inform her.

But now, it seemed that this little girl was very determined to shoot this movie, so he would let her audition first, and then they’ll see how she does.

Yu Luoluo received the script and read it seriously. Ling Tianya stood beside her, and seeing that Yu Luoluo was completely focused, her lips trembled, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

Upon seeing that Ling Tianya didn’t say anything, William was very anxious, but he didn’t dare diss the CEO, so he only secretly winked at Zhang Heng to tell Zhang Heng not to let his artist pass.

Zhang Heng received William’s gaze and nodded silently.

William thought that Zhang Heng had agreed and wouldn’t let his artist pass.

In the end, when Yu Luoluo finished her audition, Zhang Heng was so excited that he immediately made the decision to cast Yu Luoluo as the female lead. He even told Yu Luoluo to prepare herself and immediately go to the training.

Upon hearing that, William almost spat out a mouthful of blood on Zhang Heng’s face. His expression was extremely ugly.

Zhang Heng looked at William apologetically. “I’m sorry, bro. Your artist is really good at acting. I’ve chosen a lot of female leads for this movie. Other than Guan Meiyi, your Yu Luoluo is the most suitable. If I don’t choose her, who else can I choose? Moreover, this movie is the work of Mrss Ling. Mrs. Ling is the CEO of the company. It’s a good thing that she can act for the CEO!”

My foot!

William cursed in his heart, but Ling Tianya was right there. He didn’t dare to say it out loud, but his facial expression was already extremely ugly.

Ling Tianya then asked Yu Luoluo again, “Luoluo, are you sure you’ve thought it through? You’ll have to disappear from the sights of everyone and the audience for two years.”

“I’ve thought it through!” Yu Luoluo nodded. She chose this path because she wanted to disappear, to leave this place, to calm down her mind that shouldn’t have been so perturbed. What she loved was acting anyway, and it wasn’t because she wanted to become famous or some sort o influencer. This path didn’t mistreat her, but rather, it made her successful.