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Chapter 1301: I Want To Give It A Try

Under the arrangement of her manager, William, Yu Luoluo started her activities as a newcomer. Because William used to be Cheng Chen’s assistant at Zhi Ya Entertainment, he had a lot of resources and connections. As a newbie that Zhi Ya entertainment focused on nurturing, Yu Luoluo naturally had the best resources.

She only needed to dress up beautifully every day, listen to William’s arrangements, take on acting activities, take on advertisements, and also take on the female lead of a youth idol drama.

Compared to other female newcomers, Yu Luoluo had just entered the entertainment industry but with the protection of Ling Tianya, her path was much smoother.

“Luoluo, you still have two more variety shows to participate in. You will be a regular female guest. The first two seasons of this show had been very popular. After you join this season, it will be a huge boost to your popularity,” William said excitedly.

Yu Luoluo looked at her phone and accidentally saw Zhang Heng complaining about how hard it was to find an actress on Weibo. Not saying anything, she quietly finished reading Zhang Heng’s Weibo post and pursed her lips.

The nanny drove to the door of Zhi Ya Entertainment. William’s sharp eyes saw Cheng Chen, Ling Tianya, and Guan Meiyi at the door.

Looking extremely doting, Cheng Chen’s big hand caressed Ling Tianya’s head lovingly.


It seemed a little inappropriate to use the word ‘doting’ to describe Cheng Chen, but judging from the emotions that Cheng Chen displayed, it was doting.

“Ugh… who would have thought that Chairman Cheng was actually Mrs Ling’s father? Wouldn’t chairman Cheng’s wife become Mrs Ling’s stepmother from now on?”

As if there was a large hand in her heart that was gently pulling her, William’s offhand remarks made Yu Luoluo tremble slightly, and she faintly felt pain and bitterness inside.

Yu Luoluo’s eyes fell on Cheng Chen. When he looked at Ling Tianya, there was a smile on his face. That kind of smile was that of a father doting on his daughter.

Yu Luoluo lowered her head. No one knew what she was thinking, but her long hair covered her face and true tmotions.

“Darling, let’s get out of the car too. We can say hello to Chairman Cheng and Mrs. Ling.” After William said that, he was about to start the car.

“Wait a minute!” Yu Luoluo suddenly grabbed William’s hand and stopped him from opening the door. “Let’s wait a little longer. I’m not feeling well.”

Upon hearing Yu Luoluo say that she wasn’t feeling well, William immediately became anxious. He grabbed Yu Luoluo and looked around, “Darling, are you alright? Your popularity is currently on the rise. You must maintain high public exposure. You can’t get into trouble! Tell me if you’re feeling unwell. I’ll take you to the hospital!

Faced with William’s excessive worries, Yu Luoluo looked up at him and smiled. “I’m fine, don’t be too worried. I’m just a little dizzy. I’m probably carsick. Let me rest for a while.”

Upon hearing this, William’s tensed up nerves finally relaxed. “Ah, you almost scared me to death! Darling, you can’t scare me like thhat!”

“I know. I won’t scare you anymore.” Yu Luoluo’s eyes returned to Zhang Heng’s Weibo post. “William, my cousin… I mean, is Mrs. Ling still looking for a female lead for her new movie, ‘The final battle’? ”

“Yes!” William was also quite distressed, “It seems that Zhang Heng’s requirements are too high. He had been looking for actresses that he wasn’t satisfied with. The only actresses that he was satisfied with, Guan Meiyi, was also unable to film due to the scheduling problem, so Mrs. Ling was worried about this matter. Even Chairman Cheng is also worried. But you know Zhang Heng’s personality. If he wasn’t satisfied with the actress, the movie he’s going to make won’t be good either.”

Yu Luoluo lowered her head and thought about it for a moment. When she raised her head again, her eyes were already filled with determination. “William, I want to give it a try.”

“What!” William was shocked. “My dear, are you crazy? You have so many resources now. Why are you going to make that movie? Although it’s a big movie production, once you go along with the initial training, you won’t be able to return for another one or two years. You’re a newbie now. After one or two years, no one will know who you are! “