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Chapter 1300: A Pertinent Evaluation

“Originally, Zhang Heng and I wanted you to act, but your schedule is already set until the end of next year. How would you have time to take on this movie?” Ling Tianya teased her slightly.

Guan Meiyi chuckled, “I have to say that since you’re my boss, if I become famous, shouldn’t you be the happiest? I’m now your money-making machine.”

Ling Tianya nodded. “Yes, yes, my machine, stop talking about me. Let’s talk about you. How long do you plan to drag on with He Zhenxuan?”

He Zhenxuan was Guan Meiyi’s current legal husband. Guan Meiyi’s father, Guan Jianlin, used her mother’s freedom to threaten Guan Meiyi and forced her to marry He Zhenxuan in order to stabilize the Guan family’s position.

Guan Jianlin knew what kind of person He Zhenxuan was, but he still pushed Guan Meiyi into the fire pit.

At that time, Guan Meiyi was at the lowest point in her life. She had no other choice but to marry He Zhenxuan, that scumbag.

Life after marriage was just as Guan Meiyi expected. The He family looked down on her and said that she was a promiscuous actress. He Zhenxuan was also a womanizer that philandered all sorts of women.

Guan Meiyi could tolerate all of this. After all, she didn’t love He Zhenxuan. But she couldn’t tolerate He Zhenxuan beating and scolding her. She couldn’t tolerate the cold and violent treatment she received from the He family.

She planned to divorce He Zhenxuan, but Guan Jianlin objected. Later, Guan Meiyi couldn’t tolerate it anymore, so she resolutely moved out of the He family and rented a house outside.

At that time, she accepted all kinds of small roles in order to earn money. She fought for the role of a maid with a newcomer, and she fought for the role of a passerby with extras. As long as she could earn money, she didn’t mind being an extra.

Even if she was ostracized by her peers, the pressure of newcomers, or the pressure of her manager, she endured it all.

Later, it was Ling Tianya who enlightened her. It was Ling Tianya who pushed aside all the objections and gave her the chance to act in “Wonderland”. Allowing her to stand in front of the cameras and under the spotlight once again, it opened up her acting career once again.

Therefore, she was very satisfied now. The only flaw was that her outrageous marriage with He Zhenxuan was not over yet.

“I wanted to divorce him, but he refused. He felt that having an actress as a wife would be helpful to the He family’s company. Once he divorces me, it might affect the He family’s company.” Guan Meiyi smirked derisively. “My father didn’t agree to my divorce with He Zhenxuan either. He was still hoping to use the He family’s influence to stabilize the Guan family’s position.”

Upon hearing that, Ling Tianya frowned. “Why is Director Guan like that?”

“Him? He had always been like that. Back then, he wanted me to marry Ruan Zeyan for the sake of the Guan family’s status. In his heart, there had always been only himself and his ego. Now, he had been completely bewitched by that new little vixen in the family. There’s no use in me saying anything.” Guan Meiyi had nothing to hide from Ling Tianya now.

“Do you need my help?” Ling Tianya asked.

“No need. I have already thought about this. The marriage must be ended. After a period of time, I will sue He Zhenxuan in court.” Guan Meiyi’s attitude was resolute. In any case, she had to end this ridiculous marriage.

“As for the new female lead,” Guan Meiyi changed the topic to Ling Tianya’s movie, “Have you ever thought about letting Luoluo try it?”

“Luoluo? ”

“I saw Luoluo’s audition once and thought that she actually had a lot of potential.” Guan Meiyi gave a very pertinent evaluation.