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Chapter 1299: Ling Tao’s Decision

After Ling Tao had recuperated for a period of time, most of his bodily functions had almost recovered. Madam Ling had been goading Ling Tao to ask for Ling Tianya’s shares in the Ling Corporation.

Not only did Ling Tao not ask for it, but after hearing that Ling Tianya had made such a notarial certificate, he immediately called a lawyer and asked the lawyer to cancel the legal effect of the notarial certificate.

In the end, Ling Tao only took back the twenty percent of shares that originally belonged to him. The twenty-five percent that he had given Ling Tianya previously wasn’t retrieved. In his words, those were originally his dowry for Ling Tianya. There was no reason for him to take back his daughter’s dowry.

As for the twenty percent in his own hands, when his son grew up, he would give it to his youngest son. In the future, the Ling family would be theirs.

Madam Ling was very unhappy with Ling Tao’s decision. She even caused a scene in public. However, Ling Tao didn’t give Madam Ling any face at all. He even threatened to send her back to the countryside if she threw any more tantrums.

Upon thinking that she wouldn’t be able to see her beloved grandson in the countryside, Madam Ling refused to go back no matter what. She also saw that Ling Tao’s attitude towards Ling Tianya hadn’t changed at all. In fact, he treated her better than before he fell into a coma.

No matter how unwilling Madam Ling was, she knew that she had no influence in the Ling family at the moment, so she could only calm down. As if she was afraid that others would try to snatch him away from her, she guarded her little grandson every day.

Xiao Hong felt very helpless about this, especially regarding Madam Ling’s parenting style. Xiao Hong didn’t agree with it.

Because Xiao Hong didn’t leave him, Ling Tao felt that he had to give her an official status no matter what. Therefore, with the help of a lawyer and a doctor, Ling Tao, who had just woken up, went to the civil affairs bureau in a wheelchair with Xiao Hong to register their marriage.

On the day of registration, Ling Tianya and Guan Meiyi were both there. They expressed their blessings for Ling Tao’s marriage.

From then on, Xiao Hong finally had an official status. She finally became the real Madam Ling. She could stay in the Ling family as she should, and she didn’t have to worry about Madam Ling chasing her away if she was unhappy.

After the two of them registered, Ling Tao returned to the hospital at the request of the Doctor. Ling Tao promised Xiao Hong that when he recovered, he would give Xiao Hong a grand wedding and take her on a honeymoon.

Xiao Hong, on the other hand, shook her head. She didn’t care about any of that. In the following days, Ling Tao and their son were the ones she cared about the most. As long as these two people were around, she didn’t need a grand wedding or a honeymoon.

Recently, there were too many things to be happy about, and they made Ling Tianya’s mood more cheerful than ever.

Ling Tao fell asleep after he returned to the hospital. Xiao Hong stayed behind to take care of him. Ling Tianya and Guan Meiyi left the hospital together.

In the corridor of the hospital, Guan Meiyi was wearing a hat and a mask. She was now a popular actress, and the fanaticism of her fans was unimaginable. Of course, her anti-fans were also multiplying.

It had been a long time since the two sisters had walked and chatted together like this. Either Ling Tianya was too busy, or Guan Meiyi was too busy. It was really difficult to get together.

“I heard that you have been preparing for a new movie recently,” Guan Meiyi asked.

“Uh huh. Yes, I have been preparing for a while. Everything else is all settled, but the female lead hasn’t been decided on yet.” Ling Tianya was still troubled by that matter. She understood Zhang Heng, and if the female lead wasn’t to his satisfaction, he wouldn’t put all his heartfelt effort into making this movie. Just like back then, when Zhang Heng and Guan Meiyi first worked together, Zhang Heng had always maintained an aloof attitude. It wasn’t until he became Yi Tian that his passion was stimulated.