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Chapter 1297: Ling Tao Wakes Up

Ling Tianya suddenly calling Ling Tao ‘Dad’ immediately attracted the attention of the other three people in the ward.

Madam Ling and Xiao Hong looked at Ling Tao, only to see that Ling Tao had opened his eyes at some point and was staring at Ling Tianya without blinking.

“Dad! You’re awake!” Her eyes instantly moist, Ling Tianya quickly walked to Ling Tao’s side.

His eyes wide open as he stared at Ling Tianya, Ling Tao slowly turned his head to the side. Speaking to Ling Tianya in his extremely weak voice, he said, “Yaya… don’t cry… Yaya… will always be… daddy’s daughter… ”

Even though Ling Tao had been in a coma during this period of time, he could hear the voices in the ward clearly.

He heard everything, including the fact that Ling Tianya wasn’t his biological daughter.

In the ward, every time he heard Madam Ling say something bad about Ling Tianya and make all sorts of assumptions about Ling Tianya, he would keep shouting in his mind, in hopes that he could wake up and tell his mother not to talk about his Yaya like that.

Today, Ling Tao heard the conversation between Lina and Madam Ling very clearly, every sentence was reached his ears clearly.

His mind started to struggle. He didn’t want his mother to continue talking, otherwise he would lose his Yaya.

He could feel that while his own mother was scheming against Lina about the monetary compensation of bringing up Lina, only his Yaya would give him a massage and talk to him.

His Yaya was so good, and the Ling family owed her. He couldn’t let his mother say anything that would hurt Yaya again.

So, he began to struggle against his own consciousness with all his might. He had been struggling the entire time, but this time, the struggle was the most intense.

He struggled until he heard Lina say that she was going to change Ling Tianya’s surname to Li, and that she would no longer have anything to do with the Ling family from now on.

Ling Tao’s brain was strongly stimulated. He finally defeated himself and woke up.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to look for Ling Tianya. He saw that his Yaya was patiently massaging his legs and feet without a hint of disdain.

So what if she wasn’t his biological daughter? Wasn’t his Yaya doing what a biological daughter should do? There were many biological daughters in the world who couldn’t do that.

Ling Tao wanted to speak, he wanted to shout, but he hadn’t spoken for so long that he couldn’t make any sound, so he could only wiggle his toes.

He wanted to tell his precious daughter that he was awake, and this time he was really awake. He heard every word that she said to him.

Ling Tao didn’t have much strength in his body, but he held Ling Tianya’s hand tightly. “Don’t change your surname… your surname is Ling… Don’t change it… ”

Ling Tianya’s tears immediately flowed out. Crying like a child, she nodded at Ling Tao repeatedly. “I won’t change it, I won’t change it!”

From the moment she found out that she wasn’t a child of the Ling family, Ling Tianya had received a lot of teasing and reminders from Madam Ling. Every word she said to Ling Tianya was a reminder to Ling Tianya that she wasn’t a child of the Ling family and that she couldn’t covet the Ling family’s assets. She had to remember that in the future, everything belonged to her grandson.

Ling Tianya had never said anything about this. She wouldn’t argue with a short-sighted old lady, but she still felt anguish inside. Every time she came to visit Ling Tao, she felt anguish when Madam Ling questioned her coldly about what she was doing here. She felt anguish when Madam Ling chased her away without any hesitation after she stayed in the ward for a long time.

However, all the anguish disappeared at this moment because Ling Tao had woken up.