Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1295 - Just Reluctant To Part With Young Mistress

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Chapter 1295: Just Reluctant To Part With Young Mistress

Upon hearing Madam Ling say the words ‘priceless’ with a straight face, Xiao Hong almost lost control of her expression.

Lina smiled. “Old Madam, you’re the one who said that true feelings are priceless.

“I… ” Madam Ling suddenly felt like she was slapping herself in the face, so she immediately said firmly, “True feelings are priceless, but I don’t think Ling Tianya has any true feelings for the Ling family anymore. No matter what, we can’t have raised a child for you for free for so many years. You have to give us some money!”

Lina took a deep breath. She finally saw what it meant to be self-rieghtous and unreasonable.

“Okay! Okay, money is nothing to me. My money will belong to Tianya and Tianya’s children in the future anyway. Since you don’t consider Tianya as your family now and you’re so insistent on setting boundaries with us, then let’s do the math. There’s no problem with giving you money. When you forced Tianya to marry into the Li family, you only received 10 million in betrothal gifts. In your eyes, Tianya is only worth 10 million. When Tianya was 20 years old, she was kicked out of the Ling family. I will treat it as if you’ve raised Tianya for 20 years on 10 million a year, so I’ll give you this 200 million. I’ll give you another 300 million as a welcome gift. A total of 500 million. I can transfer the money to any of your accounts any minute!”

Madam Ling looked at Lina in shock. She didn’t even bat an eye when giving out 500 million. The old lady began to think about whether she should accept the 500 million or find some excuses to ask for more.

At that moment, Lina continued to speak, “However, since you no longer see Tianya as a family member or as your granddaughter when you started to ask for the money for her upbringing, then I don’t think my Tianya needs to do so much for the Ling family anymore. Later on, you guys can move out of this hospital. If you want to continue living here, the Ling family can pay for the expenses themselves from now on. Don’t expect my Tianya to pay another cent.”

Madam Ling’s expression changed. She didn’t expect Lina to be setting up a trap for her here.

Lina continued, “Also, I will ask Tianya to return all the shares of the Ling Corporation to you. As for who these shares will go to, Madam Ling, you can discuss it with Ms. Xiao yourself. After the discussion, she would let Tianya know and guarantee that the shares would be returned in full. After that, the management team that Tianya had hired with a large sum of money would also withdraw from the Ling Corporation. Forget about the big projects that had already been carried out. In the future, Zhi Ya Entertainment and Yuan Teng would no longer take care of the Ling Corporation and give any projects to the Ling Corporation. To think about it, without the care of these two companies, those companies that wanted to build a relationship with Yuan Teng and Zhi Ya entertainment would no longer take care of the Ling Corporation. However, since you said that the entire Ling family is supported by you, Old Madam, then I think you must have a way to find a stronger business partner for the Ling Corporation than Yuan Teng and Zhi Ya Entertainment.”

Madam Ling was rendered speechless by Lina’s words for a long time. Xiao Hong, who was listening from the side, became anxious.

If Ling Tianya really did as Lina said and stopped caring about the Ling family and the Ling family, wouldn’t that be the same as idly watching the decline of the Ling Family?

Madam Ling was all talk, and in reality she was completely useless. Could she control a company well?

It wasn’t worth it at all to sacrifice the entire Ling family and the Ling family’s future for a mere 500 million!

“Madam Li, please don’t say such hurtful words. Madam Ling was just joking. She is just reluctant to part with the young mistress… “