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Chapter 1293: Diss the Old Lady

Lina had long seen through the inner workings of Madam Ling’s mind. She was just an insatiable, selfish, and mean-spirited old lady.

Initially, Lina didn’t want to lower herself to the level of Madam Ling, but when she thought about the grievances her Tianya had suffered under Madam Ling’s hands, and the ungrateful, mean look on Madam Ling’s face.., Lina could not help but want to rebuke her.

Lina’s red lips parted slightly, and she said to Madam Ling bluntly , “Old Madam, you’ve said so much just now. Now, I have a few words to say as well.”

“Uh huh, speak!” Madam Ling thought that Lina was going to say something about giving money, and her eyes were filled with anticipation.

Looking at Madam Ling’s expression, Lina mocked her inside and said.., “You said before that you need to spend a lot of money for Mr. Ling Tao to stay in the hospital to treat his illness, and you also need to spend a lot of money to raise your newborn grandson, right? Now, you’re saying that the entire Ling family is relying on you to support them, but your health isn’t good, so you need to spend money to maintain your health, right?”

“That’s right! That’s what I meant!” Madam Ling nodded her head repeatedly.

Lina also showed a look of understanding. “Then I understand. However, as far as I know, the hospital that Mr. Ling Tao is currently staying in is under the Ruan family’s name. All of Mr. Ling Tao’s treatment expenses are being taken care of by Tianya. It doesn’t seem like the Ling family needs to spend any money, right?”

Upon hearing Lina’s words, Madam Ling’s face darkened. Just as she was about to retort, Lina spoke in advance, “Oh, the Ling family might occasionally spend money to buy some daily necessities and maintenance supplies. However, since you’re Mr. Ling Tao’s mother, do you really need Tianya to reimburse you for this small sum of money? Moreover — ” Lina glanced at Xiao Hong, who was standing at the side. “I think that this small sum of money shouldn’t have been spent by you, but by Miss Xiao.”

Clearly starting to get angry, Madam Ling pursed her lips.

Lina still didn’t give Madam Ling a chance to speak, and continued, “As for you saying that raising a grandchild requires money, I agree with you on this point. Moreover, raising a child to adulthood also requires a considerable amount of money.”

Madam Ling’s expression became slightly more pleasant when she heard this, but her pleasant expression didn’t last long before she was angered by Lina’s next words.

“However, why do I hear that even though Tianya is still in control of the shares of the Ling Corporation, she has already set up a notarization certificate? As long as Mr. Ling Tao wakes up, the shares will be automatically returned to Mr. Ling Tao. If he doesn’t wake up, when your grandson is eighteen years old, the shares will automatically be transferred to your grandson’s name.” Lina paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, Tianya wouldn’t take a single cent of the benefits of the Ling Corporation. All of them would be directly transferred to you, Old Madam. Ever since Tianya took over the shares of the Ling Corporation, not only did she hire an international professional management team to manage the company, she also used the relationship between Zhi Ya entertainment and Yuan Teng to give the Ling Corporation many big projects. Now, the Ling Corporation should have earned a lot of money. Old Madam, the assets under your name should be in the hundreds of millions. How can it be that such a large amount of money can’t support raising a child to adulthood?”

Lina’s eyes sank, and there was chilliness in her eyes. “The Ling family didn’t use so much money to raise Tianya. I’m afraid thhat it was less than a thousandth or ten thousandth of that amount, right? I heard that when you and your daughter forced Tianya to marry into the Li family, you only asked for 10 million yuan as a betrothal gift. Is that all my Tianya is worth to you?”