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Chapter 1291: Dismissed The Idea

However, if that was the case, Ling Tianya’s success today had something to do with the Ling family.

If the Ling family hadn’t forced Ling Tianya to marry into the Li family or kicked her out of the family, she might not have worked so hard to become the Ling Tianya she was today.

In short, after hearing Madam Ling’s words, Xiao Hong’s face started to look embarrassed. Not knowing how to express her goodwill, she stood there awkwardly.

Ling Tianya didn’t get involved with their conversation. All her attention was on Ling Tao. She massaged Ling Tao wholeheartedly to help him improve his blood circulation. Hoping that he would wake up soon, she spoke to him in a low voice.

Madam Ling ignored Xiao Hong’s embarrassment and continued to speak to Lina, “Our Ling family has contributed a lot. We have put in a lot of effort and money to nurture Tianya over the years. Since you’re Tianya’s biological mother, shouldn’t you be grateful to our Ling family for this?”

Xiao Hong clutched her forehead helplessly and was embarrassed to look at Lina again.

Upon hearig Madam Ling’s words, Lina smiled faintly. “I think you’re right. That’s why I specially came to visit Mr. Ling today to thank him for his contributions towards my daughter.”

Madam Ling frowned. “Do you not understand what I mean? I don’t mean that you coming here with a few fruit baskets and supplements, or just saying thank you verbally. Are my son and the Ling family’s great sacrifices for your daughter only worth that much?”

Lina’s eyes flickered, but she maintained a civilized smile on her face.”Mr. Ling’s fatherly love for Tianya is certainly not something these things can compare to. It should be priceless. I believe that Mr. Ling truly loves Tianya. Therefore, I have nothing to repay Mr. Ling for his efforts. I can only thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

Madam Ling frowned completely. She felt that she had said it bluntly enough. This woman must be playing dumb with her!

You’re playing dumb with me, right? Then I’ll say it more bluntly so that you can’t play dumb anymore!

Thus, Madam Ling opened her mouth to speak, “It’s like this. As you can see, my son, Ling Tao, is currently lying unconscious on the hospital bed. I don’t know if he’ll be able to wake up. Right now, there are both young and old people in the family. We have to treat Ling Tao’s illness and raise his son who was just born not long ago. That will be a huge sum of money. In the past, we paid a lot of money to raise Tianya. Now that you’re Tianya’s biological mother and the boss of big corporation, shouldn’t you give us some more realistic expressions of gratitude?”

Upon hearing Madam Ling’s words, Ling Tianya, whose back was facing them, showed a hint of mockery on her face while a pang of sadness welled up in her heart.

At that moment, Xiao Hong was completely at a loss. Just like Lina, her first reaction was to go and see Ling Tianya.

Madam Ling’s words were equivalent to treating Ling Tianya as an outsider and no longer acknowledging that she was the child of the Ling family. That was why without any euphemism, she directly asked Lina for the money that had been used to raise Ling Tianya for so many years.

Lina was angry, but she was more worried that Ling Tianya would be upset. In reality, there was no need for Madam Ling to say anything. Lina had originally planned to give the Ling family some money or give the Ling family some good money-making business projects, but after hearing what Madam Ling said, Lina immediately dismissed her original idea.