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Chapter 1289: Not His Biological Grandson Anyway

Yu Luoluo and Ling Tianya had reached an agreement on hiding the truth from Yu Chenshi. They didn’t want Yu Chenshi to suffer any more blows.

After a long talk and reconciliation, Yu Luoluo’s emotions finally calmed down. She also somewhat accepted the fact that Ling Tianya wasn’t her biological cousin, but she still felt depressed.

After telling the truth of the matter to Yu Luoluo, Ling Tianya also felt more at ease inside.

The following days were peaceful, because Zhang Ke returned to Ling Tianya’s side. The one doing work with Zhang Heng changed from Ling Tianya to Zhang Ke. Zhang Ke was used to doing these things, and now she was doing them again, it was easy for her.

After they acknowledged Ling Tianya, Lina and Cheng Chen had no more contact. This was Lina’s promise to Cheng Chen. The only connection between them was Ling Tianya, the daughter. Other than that, the two of them had no relationship at all.

In fact, it was better this way. Both of them were very relaxed, and it wouldn’t give Ling Tianya too much of a burden.

After her face had almost recovered, Lina still went to the hospital to see Ling Tao. On the hospital bed, Ling Tao laid there with his eyes closed. His appearance didn’t change much compared to before he was in a coma. It could be seen that this was the result of meticulous daily care.

Ling Tianya was still temporarily keeping the shares of the Ling Corporation. In order to let the Ling Corporation run normally, she even hired a professional management team with a high salary to manage the corporation.

Xiao Hong now expressed her support for all of Ling Tianya’s decisions without the slightest doubt. She was smarter than Madam Ling and knew that her child would only be able to rely on Ling Tianya in the future, even if she wasn’t hhis biological sister. As long as their relationship was still there, Ling Tianya definitely wouldn’t neglect them.

However, Madam Ling didn’t have the same awareness as Xiao Hong. She firmly held onto the notarized certificate that Ling Tianya made back in the day that promised that when Xiao Hong’s son grew up to be 18 years old, she would automatically transfer the shares of the Ling Corporation to the child’s name.

Ling Tianya had never taken Madam Ling’s pettiness to heart. She was used to her sarcasm and paranoia since she was young.

Upon seeing that Ling Tianya had come with Lina, Xiao Hong smiled to welcome them and eagerly poured water for them.

Ling Tianya told Xiao Hong not to fuss. She sat directly at the head of Ling Tao’s bed and helped him massage his limbs.

“Daddy, I’m here! Are you annoyed by my constant visits? Otherwise, why are you still not getting up? Get up, I have something to tell you,” Ling Tianya said gently to Ling Tao. She would visit Ling Tao in the hospital every two to three days. She wanted Ling Tao to wake up and see his grandson and son more than anyone else.

Xiao Hong stood behind Ling Tianya and looked at them. “Yes, Old Ling, wake up quickly. Let’s see which one is more adorable, your son or your grandson.”

Lina looked at the way Ling Tianya massaged Ling Tao, and her heart was moved. She knew everything she needed to know. Even though Ling Tao had acted foolishly before, he still cared for Ling Tianya. He acted like a father. So, in Lina’s heart, she felt grateful towards Ling Tao.

At that moment, Madam Ling, who had been cold and silent from the moment Ling Tianya and Lina entered the door, suddenly opened her mouth. “Grandson? He’s not his biological grandson anyway. What’s there to compare?”

Madam Ling’s words made Ling Tianya, who was massaging Ling Tao in front of her, suddenly freeze. A second later, she pretended not to hear anything and continued massaging Ling Tao.