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Chapter 1288: Acted As If Nothing Had Happened

Ling Tianya didn’t expect Yu Luoluo to come back so early. She thought that the new artist training would take a few days, and when Yu Luoluo came back, she would personally pick her up and tell her about it.

But judging from Yu Luoluo’s appearance now, she must have found out about it through other channels.

“Luoluo… ” Ling Tianya suddenly didn’t know how to face Yu Luoluo. Ling Tianya’s heart ached, especially after seeing her tears.

Cheng Chen waved at Big One, Small One, and Zhang Ke, telling them to go out and wait. Then, Cheng Chen also walked out and closed the office door personally.

When he closed the door, in the increasingly narrow gap, Cheng Chen looked at the sad and tearful figure, and his mind suddenly recalled the way he saw her crying and singing in the training room.

For some reason, Cheng Chen felt a pang of sadness in his heart. He lowered his eyes and stopped looking at her. As he closed the office door, he also completely closed the door in his heart.

“Sister Tianya…” Yu Luoluo’s voice was choked with sobs. “Can I still call you that?”

Yu Luoluo’s choked voice made Ling Tianya’s heart ache. She took two quick steps and embraced Yu Luoluo. “Of course you can. I’m your sister. I’ll always be your sister. Whether we’re related or not, whether we’re relatives or not, I’m still your sister. You’re my sister. No one can change that.”

“How can this be? How can this be… ” Yu Luoluo started sobbing. “Why aren’t you little auntie’s child?”

“Yeah, why am I not… ” Ling Tianya had been so desperate to receive motherly love from Yu Meizi, and she had always kept Yu Meizi in the softest part of her heart. Even though Yu Meizi had abandoned her, she still cared about her mother. Even though Yu Meizi had treated her so badly for Zhang Chao and Zhang Zihao, she still cared about her mother. However, Yu Meizi publicly said that she was a trafficked child at the Ling Corporation’s shareholders’ meeting in order to seize the Ling Corporation’s assets, and Yu Meizi cruelly said that she was blocking Zhang Zihao’s path. Yu Meizi also manipulated Ling Tianxin into locking Ling Tianxin up in a hotel, and she was raped by Zhang Chao.

Ling Tianya’s compassion towards Yu Meizi completely disappeared, every shred of it disappeared…

However, Yu Chenshi and Yu Luoluo were innocent. They loved her with all their hearts. Ling Tianya didn’t want to hurt anyone who loved her.

But now, it seemed that Yu Luoluo was still hurt. She cried so hard that Ling Tianya felt anguished for her.

“Good Luoluo, don’t cry anymore.” Ling Tianya gently wiped away Yu Luoluo’s tears. “No matter what happens, the relationship between us sisters will never change, right? Don’t tell me you won’t acknowledge me as your sister just because I’m not Yu Meizi’s child?”

Upon hearing that, Yu Luoluo immediately shook her head. “Of course not! I’m just afraid that you won’t acknowledge me anymore… ”

“I won’t either, silly girl.” Ling Tianya pulled Yu Luoluo onto the sofa and sat down. “I’ve known about this for a long time. I’ve known about it ever since my father, I mean the Ling family’s father, was in a coma in the hospital. A lot of things happened in between. I’ll find an opportunity to tell you about it later. However, there’s only one thing I must remind you. Grandmother must not find out about this. You know grandmother’s heart condition. She can’t stand things like this, so let’s just pretend that nothing happened, okay?”