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Chapter 1287: Shocking News

Due to various factors, Yu Luoluo’s rookie training ended early. On the returning bus ride, the artistes who debuted at the same time finally got their phones. They couldn’t wait to browse Weibo and the news.

Suddenly, an exclamation sounded from inside the bus, “Oh my God! This is shocking news!”

Everyone’s attention was immediately aroused by the shout and they all asked what had happened.

Yu Luoluo also curiously looked at the girl who had shouted. She didn’t know if something big had happened in the entertainment industry.

The girl handed her phone to the people around her. After everyone looked around, their eyes widened in shock. Then, they all looked at Yu Luoluo, who was sitting at the back.

Yu Luoluo was a little puzzled. “Why are you all looking at me? Is the shocking news related to me?”

During this period of time, she had been in closed-door training with them and hadn’t done anything. How could she have had the chance to cause any scandal?

The first girl who cried out shook her head. “It’s not related to you, but… ” the girl directly passed the phone to Yu Luoluo. “Take a look. You probably don’t know about this yet.”

Yu Luoluo took the phone and looked at the content on the screen curiously. Her pupils suddenly dilated, and after a buzzing sound, her mind went blank.

In Cheng Chen’s office, Zhang Ke finally got Ling Tianya’s forgiveness. She fluttered around Ling Tianya, and therefore gave Ling Tianya a headache.

Cheng Chen smiled at Ling Tianya, who looked like she didn’t know how to react. Even though she showed disdain and helplessness towards Zhang Ke on the surface, Cheng Chen knew that in Ling Tianya’s heart, she was happy. Just like how Zhang Ke couldn’t let go of her, she couldn’t let go of Zhang Ke either. It was just that this girl was too stubborn, and she couldn’t get over the hurdle in her heart, so as her father, he would help her get over it.

Outside the door, Big One heard the voices from inside the door, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily curled up.

Small One nudged his brother with his elbow. “Now, is my older sister-in-law’s matter settled again?”

Upon facing Small One’s teasing, Big One shot him a fierce glare. Small One immediately laughed and shut his mouth, but he didn’t miss the sparkle in Big One’s eyes.

The bus carrying the newcomers stopped in front of Zhi Ya Entertainment. Yu Luoluo saw Ling Tianya’s car parked not far away, so she rushed straight into the building of Zhi Ya Entertainment. She completely ignored the shouts of the other new artists and her manager, William.

She had to find sister Tianya. She had to ask her clearly. She had to know what had happened. How come she only went to training camp but when she came back, her sister was no longer her sister?! Why did this happen?!

At the door of Cheng Chen’s office, Big One and Small One had just finished teasing each other. From afar, they saw Yu Luoluo rushing over with red eyes.

“Miss Luoluo.” Big One and Small One wanted to greet Yu Luoluo, but Yu Luoluo had already rushed into Cheng Chen’s office.

In the office, Cheng Chen and Ling Tianya were talking. Her face still full of excitement, Zhang Ke finally quieted down and sat beside Ling Tianya.

The door was suddenly opened from the outside, and Yu Luoluo rushed in.

“Miss Luoluo! ” Looking troubled, Big One and Small One followed in. Cheng Chen had already said not to let anyone in to disturb them, but Yu Luoluo wasn’t just anyone.

The moment Yu Luoluo saw Ling Tianya, she began to cry. Bean-sized tears fell from her eyes, and her beautiful eyes stared at Ling Tianya without blinking.