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Chapter 1286: Beginning State

There was no other way. No matter how much Ling Tianya disliked the taste of ginger, Cheng Chen had abandoned all the higher-ups of the corporation to prepare it for her. She couldn’t let Cheng Chen’s efforts go to waste.

She took the cup shakily and drank the ginger soup in one gulp.

The taste of ginger in her mouth made her feel so nauseous that she wanted to throw up. At that moment, a piece of fruit candy was stuffed into her mouth.

Her eyes wide open as she looked at Cheng Chen, Ling Tianya froze for a moment.

Cheng Chen’s handsome young face was showing a fatherly smile at that moment. “Eat a piece of candy, and the taste of ginger in your mouth won’t be so strong anymore.”

With the piece of fruit candy in her mouth, Ling Tianya burst out laughing. “Are you trying to coax me like I’m a child?”

No matter what, Ling Tianya was now a mother herself. Wasn’t feeding candy after feeding medicine a trick for coaxing children?

Cheng Chen’s face blushed, and his voice was gentle. “Tianya, I’ve never been a father before, and I suddenly found out that you’re my daughter. I want to treat you well, but I don’t know what to do. I’m still trying to figure it out. I hope that I can become the kind of father who can shelter you from the wind and rain. I hope that I can become a strong backing for you, so that no matter what kind of setbacks you encounter in the future, you wouldn’t be afraid, because I’d be here.”

Cheng Chen’s words made Ling Tianya’s heart warm, and she was deeply touched. However, in order to avoid awkwardness, she had always acted as if she didn’t care, and she sat on the sofa nonchalantly.

“Tell me, who is spying on me for you?” Ling Tianya asked nonchalantly.

At that time, Ling Tianya was in the office. No one in the office had informed Cheng Chen of her movements, so someone must be secretly helping Cheng Chen surveillance her.

Besides, Big One and Small One had been following her all along. Someone who could spy on her under the watch of Big One and Small One must be on par with them.

With that thought, a person naturally appeared in Ling Tianya’s mind. “Let her come out. Don’t you feel bad about making her sneak around?”

Looking at Ling Tianya, Cheng Chen knew that he couldn’t hide it from her, so he made a phone call.

Not long after, Cheng Chen’s office door opened again, and Zhang Ke walked in from outside. The moment she faced Ling Tianya, Zhang Ke became nervous and stood there without daring to look up at Ling Tianya.

“How long have you been following me?” Ling Tianya asked directly.

“It’s been a while,” Zhang Ke answered honestly. It had been a while, and she had been discovered by Big One. Last time, she had helped Cheng Chen subdue Big One and Small One. That allowed Cheng Chen to successfully take Ling Tianya away to the appraisal center.

“I just wanted to protect my mentor in the dark, and I had no other ulterior motives,” Zhang Ke explained.

Of course, Ling Tianya knew that Zhang Ke wouldn’t have any ulterior motives, or else Cheng Chen wouldn’t have taken her in for his own use.

After a period of silence, Ling Tianya finally spoke, “Don’t hide from me anymore.”

“Mentor!” Looking at Ling Tianya in disbelief, Zhang Ke raised her head in shock. “Come back to me. Thanks to my father, I can only work for two hours at a time from now on. If that’s the case, there are a lot of things I can’t do. Since you’re my assistant, I’ll leave the things I can’t finish to you.”

Upon hearing Ling Tianya’s words, Zhang Ke’s eyes immediately turned red. She thought that she would have to wait for a long time before she would be forgiven by Ling Tianya. She didn’t expect this moment to come so quickly.

“Mrs. Ling, I love you! I will definitely continue to work for you. I will follow your lead, look forward… look forward and back…”

“Enough, shut up!” With a headache, Ling Tianya looked at the talkative Zhang Ke. Everything seemed to have returned to its beginning state.