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Chapter 1285: Crazy Dad

Ling Tianya shook her head helplessly and turned to look at Cheng Chen. “Why are you here? Weren’t you having a high-level meeting?”

Even though Ling Tianya was the Chairman of Zhi Ya Entertainment, she was just a figurehead. She never attended such boring and mundane high-level meetings that symbolized her status. Cheng Chen, the President, would be there for everything.

Cheng Chen didn’t answer Ling Tianya’s question directly. He walked quickly and reached out to touch Ling Tianya’s forehead. He frowned as hhe carefully felt the temperature on her forehead.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing?” Ling Tianya was confused.

“It’s okay. You don’t have a fever.” Cheng Chen took back his hand and said calmly.

“Fever? Why would I have a fever?” Ling Tianya was getting more and more confused.

“Didn’t you sneeze just now? Are you feeling unwell?” Afraid that Ling Tianya wouldn’t tell him what was wrong, Cheng Chen’s eyes were full of concern.

“So that’s the reason?” Upon hearing Cheng Chen’s words, Ling Tianya didn’t know how to react. Turns out that Cheng Chen had abandoned the higher-ups of Zhi Ya Entertainment and suddenly appeared in the Film and Media Department because she sneezed just now.

However, this man was in the meeting room on the top floor, and she was in the mid-level Film and Media Department. How did he know that she had sneezed?

“I’m fine. My nose was just a little itchy just now. I’m fine.” In order to prove that she was fine, Ling Tianya even stood up and walked around Cheng Chen.

Cheng Chen carefully observed Ling Tianya, and felt that she was indeed fine, but he was still worried, so he grabbed Ling Tianya. “That’s all for today. You can’t exhaust yourself too much. You still have a child at home. From now on, I will watch over you strictly. You aren’t allowed to work more than two hours continuously.”

With that said, Cheng Chen pulled Ling Tianya out of Zhang Heng’s office without any explanation. He took the elevator and headed to Cheng Chen’s own office on the top floor.

He heard Ling Tianya sneeze, and knew that Ling Tianya was still nursing so she couldn’t take medicine since it would negatively affect his little grandson. Therefore, he asked the secretary to prepare ginger soup for Ling Tianya to drink.

When Zhang Heng and the other people in the office saw Ling Tianya being dragged away by Cheng Chen, they couldn’t help but shake their heads.

This was great. Not only did their Mrs. Ling have a crazy husband, she now had a crazy father as well.

And this crazy father also made it clear that Mrs. Ling could only work for two hours straight from now on, so he was even more ruthless than her crazy husband Ruan Zeyan…

Zhang Heng’s heart bled silently. Now, Ling Tianya’s chances of playing the female lead were completely gone. If Mrs. Ling really could only work for two hours straight from now on, when would they be able to get down to business with the movie!

Suddenly, Zhang Heng began to miss the days when Zhang Ke was around. Back then, even if Mrs. Ling didn’t have the time, Assistant Zhang would fully support their work.

“Ugh…” Zhang Heng sighed helplessly and waved at the others in the office. “You guys can go out first… ”

As soon as Ling Tianya entered Cheng Chen’s office, she smelled the scent of ginger, so she frowned and pinched her nose.

She didn’t like ginger, and Cheng Chen knew that.

Even though he knew, Cheng Chen still brought her a cup of warm ginger soup and ordered, “Drink it.”

Ling Tianya had a bitter expression. “Can I not drink it? I’m not sick at all.”

Cheng Chen’s face fell. “Be good!”