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Chapter 1284: Be Bullied To This Extent

Wang Yazhi sat beside Lina and looked at little rice dumpling with eager eyes. She thought to herself about how it seems like one child still wasn’t enough. If only Yaya could have another child.

At that moment, Ling Tianya, who was working with Zhang Heng and the others in Zhi Ya Entertainment’s Film and Media Department, suddenly sneezed. She sniffed and didn’t take it seriously.

“What’s wrong, Mrs Ling? Do you have a cold?” Zhang Heng asked with concern.

Ling Tianya gently rubbed her nose and shook her head. “No, it’s just that my nose suddenly itched a little. Let’s continue.”

“Huh.” Zhang Heng nodded. “Truthfully, the trickiest thing right now is still who will be the female lead. Recently, many female celebrities and their agents have expressed to me that they really want to play this role. I saw that there were indeed a few that fit the character’s image very well.”

This movie was a super action-packed and independent film. At the same time, it had a strong sense of patriotism and heroism. At the moment, in the domestic movie market, this kind of movie had unprecedented popularity. Moreover, it had the reputability of a gold-medal screenwriter like Ling Tianya, as well as the fans of the original novel “The Final Battle.” As long as the movie was released, it would definitely sell well. It might even become the highest-grossing movie in the history of movieS. Zhang Heng was very confident in this movie, so he was extra careful when it came to casting. All the male actors had to go through six months of hellish training before they could go on set. Similarly, the female lead of this movie had to do the same.

Zhang Heng couldn’t decide on the female lead even after a long time. The tighter the time was, the more cautious he was. He didn’t know why, but he had a persistent thought inside. No one knew this female role better than the original author, Ling Tianya, so no one was more qualified than Ling Tianya for this role.

The last time Zhang Heng said something like that, Ruan Zeyan, who had rushed over, heard it and shot daggers at him. Thinking about it now, Zhang Heng felt a chill down his spine.

However, looking at Ling Tianya, who had her head lowered and was reading the document seriously, Zhang Heng’s mind automatically pictured her in a tight vest and camouflage pants, holding a DV camera, carrying a big backpack, and walking through the battlefield under the bombardment.

“Um Mrs Ling… ” Zhang Heng swallowed hard and glanced at the door to make sure Ruan Zeyan wasn’t there. Then he mustered up his courage and said, “I still think that you should be the female lead in this movie.”

“Huh? ” Ling Tianya looked up at Zhang Heng in astonishment. She didn’t expect that he still hadn’t given up on the idea. “I, um…”

Ling Tianya was just about to explain that she didn’t want to act when she was interrupted by a cold and deep voice at the office door. “Zhang Heng, you want my daughter to film scenes with you? Is that right?”

When Zhang Heng heard the cold and sinister voice, his body subconsciously trembled. He looked up and saw the president, Cheng Chen, standing there with a cold expression on his face. His deep eyes were covered with a layer of frost.

“Um, Chairman Cheng… I… I just feel that Ms Ling is very suitable… ” Zhang Heng wanted to try and explain further, but when he met Cheng Chen’s cold and murderous gaze, he immediately changed his words, “No, it’s a misunderstanding! I was just joking! Zhi Ya Entertainment has so many outstanding actors. There’s no need to trouble Ms Ling, no need! I’ll look again! Look again…”

The more Zhang Heng talked, the lower his body got. In the end, he almost collapsed on the table. Who would have thought that ever since the entertainment industry’s esteemed brilliant director Zhang Heng joined Zhi Ya entertainment, he would be bullied to this extent.