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Chapter 1283: Pay For Their Own Choices

After such a thing happened, someone immediately went forward to subdue Huang Ying. Ling Tianya didn’t care about anything else and rushed to Lina’s side. Her eyes were fixed on her red and swollen skin. “Mom, how are you? Where does it hurt? Tell me!”

Ling Tianya desperately calling her “Mom” was like a painkiller. Lina became so emotional that she forgot about the burning pain from the burn. Her eyes were red as she looked at Ling Tianya. “What did you call me? Call me again.”

Ling Tianya suddenly realized that she had called Lina “Mom” out of panic just now.

The burns on Lina’s face and neck became redder and more swollen, making her delicate facial features a little deformed. She had to go to the hospital right away. Fortunately, this was a hospital, and doctors had already rushed over after hearing the news.

Waiting for her to call her “Mom” again, Lina looked at Ling Tianya stubbornly.

Ling Tianya was nervous about Lina. She knew that if she didn’t hear her call her mom officially, she wouldn’t obediently go to the doctor.

“Mom, your face needs immediate treatment.” Ling Tianya pulled Lina to stand up. The doctor had already started the preliminary treatment for Lina.

However, Lina didn’t care about the burns on her face at all. Her eyes were still on Ling Tianya and she had a huge smile on her face.

Initially, Lina had planned to visit Ling Tao, but now that such a thing had happened, she become a patient herself, so how could she go see Ling Tao?

Fortunately, although Lina’s face and neck had been severely burned, the burn wasn’t deep. Through timely treatment by the doctor, she would recover.

Lina had planned to leave this week, but it had to be delayed now because of the burn.

However, Lina was actually very happy because she had much more time to spend with Ling Tianya and little rice dumpling.

Not long after Huang Ying bailed herself out, she was arrested again. Now there were two more counts of intentional assault, and with Ling Tianya’s lawyer keeping an eye on the matter, Huang Ying was probably going to spend the rest of her life in prison this time.

Wasn’t she still worrying about her future livelihood? Now she didn’t have to worry anymore. She would have everything in prison.

When Xu Cheng found out about this, she wanted to confront the Ruan family and Ling Tianya. Even at this point, she still refused to humble down and apologize. Instead, she stubbornly believed that Ling Tianya and the Ruan family were deliberately targeting her and Huang Ying. Therefore, no one from Ling Tianya and the Ruan family paid attention to her, and she was also forbidden from harassing the old lady.

It was time for Xu Cheng to know what it meant to be self-reliant. She had a master’s degree, hands and feet, so it was easy for her to support herself. But if her mind was filled with thoughts of how to get something for nothing and how to live a upper class life, then she was destined to fail.

Everyone had to pay for their own choices, and Xu Cheng was the same.

In the manor, Lina’s face was smeared with the medicine given by the hospital to treat burns. It made her originally beautiful face look more or less ferocious.

However, Lina didn’t care about this at all. She hugged little rice dumpling and teased him.

Miraculously, little rice dumpling wasn’t afraid when he saw Lina like this. He kept giggling.

Originally, Wang Yazhi wanted Lina to stay, and it was the same now. However, Wang Yazhi discovered a problem. Lina carried little rice dumpling almost every chance she got, so her mother-in-law, Madam Ruan… little rice dumpling’s grandmother, didn’t have much chance to carry her grandson.