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Chapter 1282: It Was Huang Ying and Xu Cheng

The old lady glared at Huang Ying angrily. Her pale and emaciated face was now flushed with anger towards Huang Ying. She opened her mouth with great effort and her tongue exerted strength, causing her entire face to quiver, “She… pushed me… down the stairs… she… Xu Cheng… pushed… me down the stairs…”

The old lady, the nurses, the helper, and even the doctors and nurses in the hospital had spent a lot of effort to help the old lady regain her language ability because this was perhaps the only ability she could regain.

However, no matter how hard they tried, the results were minimal. The old lady couldn’t speak clearly until the moment before, and the idea she wanted to express could only be enunciated word by word.

However, that sentence just now was unusually forceful and clear. Although it wasn’t coherent enough, it was enough for everyone present to hear.

The old lady used all her strength to finish saying that sentence. Then, she immediately collapsed on the floor. She was panting heavily, but her eyes were still glaring at Huang Ying.

“Sister, you said that Huang Ying and Xu Cheng pushed you down the stairs?” The old madam caught the old lady’s words and quickly asked.

The old lady rolled her eyes, meaning that she was right.

Madam Ruan took a deep breath and turned her head to glare at Huang Ying, “Well enough! Back then, Lass Ling already realized that there was something shady about you and Huang Ying. It’s just that at that time, we were all focused on my sister so we neglected you and your mother. I never expected that it was really you who pushed my sister!” Madam Ruan was flustered. “Huang Ying, oh Huang Ying, you’ve done so many bad things. How can you still have the face to come here and talk about turning over a new leaf and taking care of my sister for the rest of your life!”

Huang Ying bit her lip in a daze. Her eyes were filled with shock and panic. She really didn’t expect that her mother-in-law would recover her language ability under her stimulation.

If she had known that things would turn out like this, she wouldn’t have come!

“I wasn’t the one who pushed her. She heard the secret between Xu Cheng and me and wanted to tell you. I was in a panic and accidentally made her fall down the stairs. It wasn’t intentional!” Huang Ying quickly explained.

“What secret were you afraid of me knowing?” Madam Ruan asked coldly.

“It’s the matter of me asking Xu Cheng to pretend to be Lina’s daughter! Speaking of which, it’s also the old lady’s own fault for falling down the stairs. I already told her that as long as she could keep her mouth shut and wait for Xu Cheng to inherit Lina’s property, she could live a good life as well. She was the one who was unwilling. She even said that the Xu family’s child couldn’t be someone else’s daughter no matter what! She’s simply ignorant. The Xu family has nothing. Now, there are only the three of us left, so should she live under someone else’s roof and rely on the Ruan family for her entire life?”

“So? You feel self-righteous about letting Xu Cheng pretend to be my daughter? Don’t make excuses for your deceit and shamelessness! Don’t make excuses for pushing someone down the stairs! You are a greedy petty person, and now you have the nerve to push the blame onto others!” When Lina heard Huang Ying’s words, she became angry. Turns out that for money, this woman not only allowed her daughter to pretend to be someone else’s daughter, but also pushed her mother-in-law down the stairs. As a result, the old woman had a stroke and became paralyzed.

“Stop talking nonsense. Keep an eye on this woman and call the police to take her away. The police will naturally judge whether she is guilty of manslaughter or attempted murder!” Madam Ruan gave an order directly and waved her hand at her subordinate.

Huang Ying panicked when she heard that she was going to call the police to arrest her and even convict her of such a serious crime. Upon seeing that Madam Ruan’s subordinate was walking towards her, Huang Ying didn’t have time to think. She picked up a few cups of hot water that she had just poured and splashed them in front of her.


Ling Tianya was standing right in front of Huang Ying. Upon seeing that the hot water was about to be splashed on Ling Tianya, Lina screamed. She didn’t have time to think and pushed Ling Tianya away out of instinct.

The hot water splashed all over Lina’s neck and face.

Ling Tianya’s eyes suddenly widened and she shouted at Lina, “Mom!”