Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1281 - She Wouldn’t Believe it No Matter What!

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Chapter 1281: She Wouldn’t Believe it No Matter What!

They had just reached the old lady’s ward when they heard a series of impatient complaints and the sound of broken porcelain.

They looked at each other and quickened their steps as they entered the ward. They saw Huang Ying picking up the broken glass on the floor with her head lowered. She was still mumbling, “I know you don’t want to see me now, but in the end, I’m still your daughter-in-law. Xu Cheng is your biological granddaughter. In the future, you can only count on me and Xu Cheng. Otherwise, do you think that just because the Ruan family’s old madam can take care of you for a while, she would be able to take care of you for the rest of your life?”

On the hospital bed, the old lady screamed at the top of her lungs. Although her speech wasn’t very coherent, they could clearly discern that she was telling Huang Ying to get lost.

“Don’t tell me to get lost again. As I said, the Ruan family cannot take care of you forever. Only Xu Cheng and I can take care of you!”

“Who said I cannot take care of her forever!” Madam Ruan’s voice sounded at the door.

Huang Ying froze. She looked up and saw Madam Ruan, Ling Tianya, Wang Yazhi, and Lina.

Upon seeing the four of them appear at the same time, Huang Ying appeared embarrassed, but she pretended that nothing had happened. “Grandaunt, you’re here. Sit down and I’ll get you some water.”

With that said, Huang Ying really prepared to pour tea for Madam Ruan and the others. Before she came here, Huang Ying had already thought it through anyway. No matter what kind of situation she encountered, she had to endure it. She had to stay in the hospital and stay by her mother-in-law’s side. Perhaps her actions could move her mother-in-law and make her stay. She wouldn’t let Xu Cheng and herself wander the streets again.

The old lady sobbed at Madam Ruan when she saw that Madam Ruan had finally arrived. Her eyes were fixed on Madam Ruan. “Tell… her… to… get lost…”

The old lady tried her best to enunciate her words clearly. It took all of her strength to say those four words. It was obvious how much she despised Huang Ying.

Huang Ying’s hand that was pouring hot water paused. Then, she pretended not to hear anything and continued to pour water.

However, although Huang Ying could pretend not to have heard anything, it was impossible for the others. Madam Ruan immediately called for someone to come in. “Who let this woman in? Hurry up and kick her out!”

The helper who was responsible for taking care of the grandaunt said in panic, “She came in on her own. Nothing I said worked. I was just about to call you, old madam, when you came.”

After saying that, the helper brought in people and was about to kick Huang Ying out.

Huang Ying was immediately alarmed. “I can’t leave! I’m already reformed, Grandaunt. Let me stay by my mother-in-law’s side to take care of her!”

“Reformed? What a joke.” Madam Ruan said with a sneer, “Lass Ling just received a call saying that your daughter went to Zhi Ya Entertainment to cause a ruckus. Now that you’ve appeared here, I see that the two of you haven’t been reformed. Instead, you’ve run out of money and are thinking of ways to get money! Let me tell you, don’t even think about trying to get money from my sister. Now, are you going to scram by yourself, or do you want me to get someone to kick you out!” Without waiting for an explanation, Madam Ruan directly said harsh words.

Upon hearing Madam Ruan’s words, Huang Ying feigned innocence. “Cheng Cheng went to Zhi Ya Entertainment to cause trouble? I don’t know. I really wanted to take care of my mother-in-law. I’m really reformed.”

Upon hearing Huang Ying say that she was going to take care of her, the old lady became so angry that her entire body trembled. The culprit that caused her to become like this was Huang Ying, yet she still had the nerve to say that she had changed. She wouldn’t believe it no matter what!