Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1280 - They Don’t Deserve Pity or Sympathy

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Chapter 1280: They Don’t Deserve Pity or Sympathy

On the other side, Ling Tianya, together with Li Na and Wang Yazhi, was accompanying Madam Ruan to the hospital to visit the old lady.

The old lady, Ling Tao, and Yu Chenshi were all in the same hospital. Lina knew that Ling Tao and Yu Chenshi treated Ling Tianya well, so she wanted to visit them and express her gratitude.

Ling Tao was still in a coma, so Ling Tianya didn’t stop Lina from seeing him. However, Yu Chenshi was already recovering and would be discharged soon. So far, the fact that Ling Tianya wasn’t Yu Meizi’s biological daughter was still being kept a secret from Yu Chenshi. Recently, this matter had been greatly exaggerated by the media, so Ling Tianya had specially instructed the nurses and hospital staff to take care of Yu Chenshi, she couldn’t tell her about this.

As for Yu Luoluo, she was currently in a new recruit training program overseas, and internet was cut off throughout the entire process, so she shouldn’t know about this matter. However, Ling Tianya also knew that this matter could not be kept a secret from Yu Luoluo for long, and she would know as soon as she returned. Ling Tianya wasn’t worried about Yu Luoluo. She was only worried about Yu Chenshi. She had a heart disease, so her heart was already extremely fragile and she was unable to withstand any more big shocks.

Upon hearing Ling Tianya’s words, Lina obediently gave up on the idea of meeting Yu Chenshi. At the same time, she felt gratified. Her daughter was a filial child who knew how to repay kindness. Because Yu Chenshi was good to her, even if Yu Meizi treated her the way she did, she was still filial towards Yu Chenshi and worried about Yu Chenshi.

Lina felt that having such a daughter was her pride, the greatest pride of her life.

As soon as they reached the hospital entrance, Ling Tianya received a call from Zhi Ya Entertainment’s film and media department, telling her about Xu Cheng’s visit to Zhi Ya entertainment. Ling Tianya’s eyes darkened, and she said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry about her. Just get the security to kick her out and don’t let her come in again.”

Ling Tianya ordered in a low voice and hung up the phone.

“Lass Ling, what happened?” Madam Ruan asked.

“It’s not a big deal. Xu Cheng went to Zhi Ya Entertainment to cause trouble, ” Ling Tianya said nonchalantly without taking it seriously at all.

“She still has the face to go to Zhi Ya Entertainment? What does she want?!” Upon hearing this, Wang Yazhi immediately frowned in displeasure.

“I heard that she and her aunt spent all their savings to bail themselves out. I guess they didn’t have much money left, so they thought of going to Zhi Ya Entertainment to continue working.” Ling Tianya deduced Xu Cheng’s intentions thoroughly. “It’s just that I’ve already hired someone to take her place, and the other party is a slightly famous screenwriter. There really isn’t any extra space for her.”

If it was in the past, Ling Tianya might have arranged another position for Xu Cheng on account of Madam Ruan. However, after Xu Cheng pretended to be Lina’s daughter, she completely gave up on the idea of taking care of Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng was the same as Huang Ying. They both appeared high-minded on the surface, but in reality, they were insatiable. If they had real capabilities, that would be another matter. But they had nothing, yet they wanted more. How could there be so many good things in the world?

Upon hearing Ling Tianya’s words, Madam Ruan nodded. “Lass Ling, you don’t have to feel conflicted because of me. I know that you gave Xu Cheng a job because of me. Now, you don’t have to do that out of consideration for me anymore. The old lady and her daughter abandoned your great-aunt for money back then, so they don’t deserve pity or sympathy now!”