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Chapter 1279: Ridiculous

Even though the bespectacled woman looked gentle, she wasn’t a pushover. Upon hearing Xu Cheng’s words, she immediately knew who she was.

“Oh, so you’re the one who resigned after staying in this office for a few days.” The bespectacled woman pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She wasn’t in the mood to waste any more time with Xu Cheng. She had an important task at hand. It was to change the novel, “The Final Battle,” which was about to be made into a film script by her boss Ling Tianya. Time was tight and the task was heavy. She didn’t have any extra time to waste.

Therefore, the bespectacled woman walked past Xu Cheng, entered the password of the office door, and walked in.

Xu Cheng followed her in, and the first thing she saw was the completely changed office. Xu Cheng was so angry that she stomped her feet. “What right do you have to make my office look like this!”

“Your office?” The bespectacled woman sat down and turned on the computer, then looked at Xu Cheng mockingly. “You have already resigned, Miss Xu. Or rather, you have never gone through the employment procedures, so how can you say that you have your own office? Please leave this place. If you have nothing to do, you can think about how to pretend to be someone else’s daughter again. Don’t disturb my work.” The bespectacled woman chased her away mercilessly.

Xu Cheng’s scandal, including the fact that Cheng Chen was Ling Tianya’s biological father, had already spread throughout Zhi Ya Entertainment.

In the past, everyone respected Cheng Chen as the CEO. Now, their respect for him was on a whole new level. They respected Cheng Chen like they would respect an emperor.

Zhi Ya Entertainment had also become a family business. After all, the first and second largest shareholders were father and daughter, and one was the chairman and the other was the president. If this wasn’t a family business, then what was?

During the few days that Xu Cheng had been in Zhi Ya Entertainment, she had bullied many people by exploiting her identity as Ruan Zeyan’s cousin. Therefore, no one would pity her now that she was disgraced.

Before the bespectacled woman joined Zhi Ya Entertainment, she was already a somewhat famous freelance writer and screenwriter. Her first big job when she joined Zhi Ya entertainment was to adapt Ling Tianya’s works. If she did well, she would be able to establish a strong foothold in Zhi Ya Entertainment. Therefore, she valued this opportunity very much. Now that Xu Cheng was here to harass her, she definitely wouldn’t give Xu Cheng the time of the day.

Xu Cheng’s face blushed and she bit her lip. Starting from moments before, the people who passed by her looked at her with quizzical gazes. Now, this bespectacled girl was directly using that incident to mock her!

Xu Cheng was so angry that she strode forward and swept the documents and books on the bespectacled girl’s desk to the ground. Fortunately, the bespectacled woman was on guard and picked up her laptop. Otherwise, her laptop wouldn’t have been spared!

The bespectacled woman finally lost her cool and placed her laptop in a safe place, then grabbed Xu Cheng by the collar. Although she wasn’t tall, she was very strong. She directly pulled Xu Cheng out of her office and threw her to the ground. “You crazy woman, if you want to throw a fit, go to an asylum and admit yourself! Don’t interfere with other people’s work here! Do you think everyone is like you, relying on shameless methods and pretending to be someone else to obtain assets? There aren’t that many things in the world that can be obtained without work, and there aren’t so many stupid and ignorant people like you!” The bespectacled woman shouted at the reception secretary of the Film and Media Department, “What are you all still waiting for? Call security! Get this wannabe out of here!”