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Chapter 1275: Checked Out

After Xu Cheng and Huang Ying were detained in the detention center for 48 hours, they were temporarily released on bail.

The main reason the police arrested Eric was because of the murder. The mastermind was Eric. At most, Huang Ying and Xu Cheng knew about it but didn’t report it, so their charges weren’t very heavy and they were allowed to be released on bail.

As for the case of Xu Cheng, Huang Ying, and Eric conspiring to defraud Lina and seize Lina’s assets, it belonged to another category. Moreover, Huang Ying and Xu Cheng were accomplices, so naturally their charges weren’t as heavy as Eric’s.

The two of them used all their savings to bail themselves out. Now, they only had less than 500 yuan left on them. This was the last money that they had.

The two of them wandered aimlessly on the streets while discussing what to do next. Now, they had offended the Ruan family, Lina no longer trusted them, and they had fallen out with Eric, who was still in jail.

Huang Ying suddenly remembered that Xu Cheng still had some luxury goods from Lina in the hotel. Moreover, she remembered that Eric had paid more than half a month’s deposit for the hotel room. It should be enough for them to stay there for a while.

As for those luxury items, she would sell them at a low price. It would be enough for the mother and daughter to hold on for a period of time.

After listening to Huang Ying’s idea, although Xu Cheng was a little reluctant to part with those luxury items, now that they were stranded, they had no other choice.

However, when the mother and daughter arrived at the hotel, they discovered that the hotel room door couldn’t be opened no matter what.

Therefore, the mother and daughter went to the hotel reception aggressively and smacked down the room card. They questioned the front desk attendant, “Why can’t our room card open the room door!”

The attendant froze. “May I ask which room you two are staying in?”

“5505, 5506!” Venting out all her anger accumulated over the past few days on the front desk attendant, Huang Ying spat out angrily.

Reverberating through the entire hotel lobby, Huang Ying’s interrogative voice was very loud and alarmed everyone in the lobby. Everyone’s eyes fell on Huang Ying and Xu Cheng.

The staff felt aggrieved. Usually, there wouldn’t be a situation where the room card couldn’t open the door. The only reason that such a situation could happen was that the front desk attendant had locked the room. Usually, only when the deposit wasn’t enough or when the deposit wasn’t paid would the door be locked. When the guest couldn’t open the door with the room card, they would go to the front desk to hear the news. At that time, as long as the guest paid the deposit, the front desk attendant would unlock the room and explain to the guest that the room card was demagnetized.

In reality, there was no such thing as demagnetization of the room card. Everything was orchestrated by the front desk attendant.

Now that Huang Ying and Xu Cheng’s room couldn’t be opened, the front desk attendant thought that their deposit wasn’t enough and wanted to explain to them that the room card had been demagnetized.

In the end, when the front desk attendant entered the room number into the computer to search, she found that these two rooms had already been checked out. They were now vacant without any guests at all.

Therefore, the front desk attendant raised her head and looked at Huang Ying and Xu Cheng awkwardly. “I’m sorry, these two rooms have already been checked out.”

“Checked out?” Huang Ying froze, then she asked relentlessly, “How can it be checked out! That room was only occupied by us, and the registration was also in our names. We are here, so who checked us out! ”

“That’s right ” Xu Cheng also shouted, “Besides, I still have a lot of luxury goods in that room. Since you’re telling me that the room had been checked out, then what about my things? Did the hotel pilfer our stuff?”