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Chapter 1273: New Heir

Lina was keenly aware of the atmospheric change around the dining table, but such a change made her feel very gratified. This meant that in the Ruan family, not only would Ruan Zeyan miss Ling Tianya, but they would also miss Ling Tianya.

It was a fortunate thing for her Tianya to be able to marry into such a family.

In reality, regarding the future, Lina had also thought about it a lot last night. Originally, she had wanted to find an opportunity to say it, but now that Madam Ruan had taken the initiative to ask, she decided to say it now.

Therefore, Lina took a deep breath and said, “I’m planning to stay for a few more days, and I’ll be back in Europe next week. Something happened to Eric, and there are a lot of troublesome matters at the company that I need to personally handle.”

Upon hearing that Lina was going to leave next week, everyone stopped breathing and looked at Ling Tianya.

Lina saw everyone’s nervousness and continued with a smile on her face, “Everyone knew that I came back to the country this time to look for an heir. Now that I’ve found Tianya, there’s no doubt that I’m going to give everything I have to her.”

“In-law, Yaya, she…” Wang Yazhi wanted to express that the Ruan family couldn’t live without Ling Tianya, but she was interrupted by Lina.

“In-law, wait for me to finish,” Lina continued, “I only planned to give everything to my daughter. I wanted her to have the best life. But after finding Tianya, I realized that her life is already the best.”

The Ruan family was stunned. What did Lina mean by that?

Lina continued, “All of you are very good to Tianya. She has a very happy life now. I think that even if I let her stay by my side, she wouldn’t be any happier than she is now. Instead, it would make her sad and sorrowful. I don’t want her to be sad. Compared to Tianya’s fortune and happiness, my company is nothing!”

Lina’s words were so touching that Wang Yazhi’s eyes were filled with tears. Madam Ruan and Ruan Qishan felt warm inside as well.

Lina looked at Ling Tianya. Ling Tianya’s eyes were starting to turn red. In fact, in Ling Tianya’s heart, she really wanted to call Lina “Mom”. The word had reached the tip of her tongue a few times, but she still swallowed it back.

Maybe it was the trauma left by Yu Meizi, or maybe it was the lack of motherly love for so many years that made Ling Tianya unable to break through the thin barrier.

Lina reached out to wipe away the tears that were about to fall from Ling Tianya’s eyes. “Dood girl, don’t cry. If you cry, Mom will feel anguish for you.”

Lina comforted Ling Tianya and snifled her nose. “However, I still have to have an heir, or else my arduously established kingdom will have no heir!”

Those words once again made the Ruan family worry.

Lina looked at the changes in the Ruan family members’ expressions and burst out laughing. Then, she quickly regained her seriousness. “Therefore, I have decided that when little rice dumpling grows up, I will give him my company and all my assets! I really like my little grandson extremely. I only have one daughter in my life, Tianya. In the future, all of her things will belong to little rice dumpling. Then, I can save myself the trouble. I will give all of this to him now and let him become my heir!”

“In-law…” Ruan Qishan was stunned. Rather than saying that she would give Layna to little rice dumpling, she might as well say that she would give it to the Ruan family. After all, little rice dumpling’s surname was Ruan. As Ruan Zeyan’s eldest son, he was destined to inherit the position of head of the family in the future, so he would be in charge of the entire Ruan family and the Yuan Teng Corporation.

They believed that Lina was aware of the situation. However, she still didn’t hesitate to give everything to little rice dumpling. Wouldn’t that be the same as giving it to the Ruan family for free?