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Chapter 1272: Ensuing Plan

Ling Tianya looked at Ruan Zeyan in surprise. “So, you’re worried that I won’t come back after I leave with Lina?”

When did this man become so worried about gains and losses? How could she leave this side? Moreover, had he forgotten that he was Ruan Zeyan? Could there be anyone he couldn’t keep?

However, Ruan Zeyan’s expression didn’t look like he was joking. In fact, Ruan Zeyan’s thoughts were not groundless.

Imagine a mother finally finding her biological daughter after more than twenty years. Of course she would want to stay with her daughter forever. Therefore, as long as Ling Tianya went to Europe with Lina, Lina would most likely want to keep her there or not let her come back for a short period of time.

As the head of the Ruan family and the general manager of Yuan Teng, Ruan Zeyan couldn’t stay in Europe for a long time. If Ling Tianya really took over Layna from Lina in the future, she would be in the same situation as Ruan Zeyan. The loving couple would soon be in a long-distance relationship.

Ruan Zeyan felt uncomfortable just thinking about it, and now that he had a child, Ruan Zeyan was even more inseparable from Ling Tianya.

The most important thing was that if it had been anyone else, he could have dealt with them mercilessly. But now, it was his mother-in-law who was going to take his wife away. That was a serious matter.

Ling Tianya looked at Ruan Zeyan’s serious expression and giggled. “Oh, turns out there are actually things that can make our boss Ruan afraid.”

Ruan Zeyan sighed and embraced Ling Tianya tightly. “There are many things that can scare me, such as not being able to see you, not being able to touch you, not being able to kiss you…”

Ruan Zeyan’s words touched Ling Tianya. She hugged his waist. “My family, my husband, and my son are all here. I can’t live without you guys, so I’m not going anywhere. There’s not just one way to solve this. We still have time.”

In the living room, Wang Yazhi and Lina were still chatting. No one knew how long they talked and until what time, but the next morning, neither of them got out of bed.

At noon, the two of them got out of bed one after another.

By then, lunch was already awaiting for them to eat.

Wang Yazhi shyly sat next to Ruan Qishan. She rarely overslept, but this time, she really couldn’t get up. Last night, she and Lina had a good chat, and later, the two women even drank together.

Compared to Wang Yazhi, the hostess of the Ruan family, Lina, the in-law, was much more at ease. She didn’t look uncomfortable at all, and directly sat next to Ling Tianya.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Lina asked directly.

“Uh-huh, very well. How about you?”

“I also slept very well. When I think of us in the same house, my mood lifts.” Lina smiled brightly.

“Lina.” Madam Ruan said to Lina, “May I call you that?”

Lina nodded. “Of course. You’re Tianya’s elder, so you can call me anything you want.”

Upon seeing that Lina wasn’t arrogant in front of her at all, Madam Ruan nodded withh satisfaction. “Then I’ll call you Lina. Now that you’ve found your daughter and have acknowledged Lass Ling, what’s your ensuing plan?”

With that question, the atmosphere at the dining table suddenly changed. In reality, everyone in the Ruan family wanted to know what Lina’s next plans were, and whether or not she would take Ling Tianya away without letting her come back.

The questions that Ruan Zeyan thought of, the elders of the Ruan family also thought of as well.