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Chapter 1270: Chatting

That night, when Lina stayed in the manor, the person who was the most excited was actually Wang Yazhi, because she had finally found a person who she could brag about Ling Tianya to wholeheartedly, and that person wouldn’t be tired of it.

Previously, whenever Wang Yazhi went out shopping with her little sister, or when the socialites in their social circle gathered, she wouldn’t hesitate to praise Ling Tianya. However, those were outsiders after all. They would only listen perfunctorily and occasionally chime in with a few sentences. Not many of them sincerely listened to her praise Ling Tianya.

However, things were different now. Lina was Ling Tianya’s biological mother, so the two women hit it off. Lina listened attentively, and even hoped that Wang Yazhi would say more. The Wang Yazhi kept on blabbering about her affection for Ling Tianya.

The two of them sat in the living room. It was already very late, and almost everyone had gone to bed. The two women were still chatting enthusiastically.

“Let me tell you, Yaya was really smart that time. She saw through Mandy Wang’s plan at a glance, and then quietly got someone to change the medicine that caused infertility in Mandy Wang’s hands, and played along. In the end, Yu Meizi, that bad person, actually came to find Yaya to cause trouble for her biological son. Yaya became so emotional that she got a stomach ache and she even bled a lot. I was scared to death at that time! I thought that Yaya was also scared at that time. She definitely didn’t expect that she would bleed. When she held my hand and called for her mother, her voice was trembling. I really wanted to strangle that Yu Meizi. I thought to myself, she gave birth to Yaya after all, so how could she treat her like that? Later, I found out that Yaya wasn’t her biological daughter at all. She spent money to buy her as a replacement. No wonder she ran away with someone else without any lingering guilt.”

Lina listened to Wang Yazhi tell the story from the moment she met Ling Tianya. Her emotions were also fluctuating along with Wang Yazhi’s story. At the same time, she was proud that her daughter had the wisdom and calmness to turn the tide.

Wang Yazhi was still talking passionately. Gradually, Lina’s expression darkened, and her eyes were even glimmering with tears.

“Later on, Yaya directly exposed Ruan Guofu and Mandy Wang’s evil scheme on the spot. You don’t know that at that time, I… huh? What’s the matter with you? Why are you crying?”

Upon seeing that Lina was silently weeping, Wang Yazhi was a little flustered. “Don’t cry. Did I say something wrong? Or are you angry because there are too many things happening in our Ruan Family?” Wang Yazhi started to regret not thinking when she spoke. She just wanted Lina to know how impressive her Yaya was. However, now that she thought about it carefully, Lina was Yaya’s biological mother. Upon hearing that her daughter was dealing with these schemes all day long, she should be very distressed and upset, right?

Upon thinking of this, Wang Yazhi wanted to bite off her own tongue. What if Lina started to dislike the Ruan family because of what she said and wanted to take Yaya Away?

For a moment, Wang Yazhi started to panic. She opened her mouth and stammered, but she didn’t know what to say.

Upon seeing Wang Yazhi panic, Lina quickly shook her head. “No, I’m not thinking about the Ruan family. I’m just… I’m just thinking, if only I could be like you and accompany her through these things. I’ve missed out on too much in her life. I want to make up for it now, but I don’t know where to start. Tianya trusts you. You and Yu Meizi were both there at the critical moment when she was bleeding, but she chose to ask you for help. She is willing to call you mom easily, happily, and even endearingly, but she still refuses to call me mom. “I really failed her as her mother…”