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Chapter 1269: Why Don’t You Stay Tonight (2)

Ling Tianya followed behind Lina. Even though she didn’t say anything, the mother and daughter seemed unusually cordial with each other.

Ruan Qishan looked at the mother and daughter. With the two of them standing there, their aura was exactly the same. Ling Tianya’s every frown, every smile, and every move she made had the shadow of Lina. Then, he looked at Ling Tianya’s biological father, Cheng Chen. Even though he was a bohemian playboy, he also had extraordinary intelligence and the strong ability to appeal to people’s minds.

With such biological parents, it was no wonder that Ling Tianya was so outstanding.

“I’ll get the lawyer to draft the strategic cooperation agreement and send it to you. After you see it and think it’s okay, we’ll sign the contract,” Lina said to Ruan Zeyan straightforwardly.

“Okay,” Ruan Zeyan nodded.

Ling Tianya stood a close distance away as she looked at Ruan Zeyan. She didn’t know why, but she saw emotion turmoil in the man’s eyes.

At that moment, little rice dumpling, who was still very energetic just a moment ago, suddenly yawned. Upon becoming sleepy, his little head started to wobble, as if he was about to fall asleep.

Lina looked at her little grandson, and although she was reluctant, she still handed the child over to Ms Wang, who was standing guard at the side.

At that moment, Lina noticed that the banquet had ended at some point, and it was already very late.

“It’s very late now, so I’ll go back to the hotel first. I’ll come back to see you tomorrow.” As she spoke, Lina looked at Ling Tianya and little rice dumpling with longing, and her footsteps slowed.

In fact, from the moment Lina and Ling Tianya met until now, Ling Tianya had never called her mother.

Lina knew that they had been strangers for more than twenty years. Even though there was blood relation between them, it was still a little difficult for Ling Tianya to call her mother immediately.

That was human nature. Even though Cheng Chen and Ling Tianya had known each other for so many years, up until now, Ling Tianya had never been able to call him father, let alone call Lina mother.

That was something that Lina could understand. That was also why when Xu Cheng called her mother so easily, Lina felt that it was very fake and insisted that she call herself Ms Li.

Because, anyone with normal human emotions wouldn’t be able to change the way they call someone so quickly.

Even though in Lina’s heart, she yearned for Ling Tianya to call her mother sweetly, Lina wouldn’t force Ling Tianya just because she wanted to. She believed that time was the best regulator, and that Ling Tianya would definitely call her “mom” soon.

It was obvious that Lina really didn’t want to leave Ling Tianya and little rice dumpling. After a few steps, she turned back and kissed little rice dumpling, who was already asleep in Ms Wang’s arms. After that, she looked at Ling Tianya again reluctantly and waved goodbye to her.

“Yaya… ” Wang Yazhi walked to Ling Tianya’s side and gently tugged at Ling Tianya’s hand. She was also a mother, so she could understand how Ling Tianya was feeling.

Ling Tianya’s lips quivered for a moment before she finally said to Lina, “Why don’t you stay here to rest tonight?”

Even though Ling Tianya still didn’t call her mom, upon hearing her say that she wanted her to stay, Lina was still overjoyed and agreed without hesitation.

The elders of the Ruan family were also very happy that Lina could stay, and Wang Yazhi gladly arranged for someone to prepare a room for Lina.