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Chapter 1268: Why Not Stay Here Tonight

Little Rice dumpling was really obedient. He wasn’t shy towards strangers and upon being held in Lina’s arms, he soon used his little hand to grab Lina’s thumb. His long eyelashes flickered and he grinned at Lina.

Lina’s eyes could not move away from little rice dumpling at all. When Cheng Chen looked at little rice dumpling, his eyes were filled with affection. Not long after, Cheng Chen received a call from the police station. Although he couldn’t bear to leave, he could only go to the police station to deal with business first.

Laughter could be heard from the nursery from time to time. Wanting to personally bring it in, Wang Yazhi walked over with a fruit plate in her hand.

Facing the sudden appearance of two important in-laws, Wang Yazhi was somewhat nervous.

Just as she was about to enter, she was stopped by Madam Ruan. “Let the family be alone for a while. It wasn’t easy for them to recognize each other.”

Upon hearing Madam Ruan’s words, Wang Yazhi could only nod her head and put the fruit plate on the coffee table.

The three elders of the Ruan family were also caught by surprise. Ruan Qishan looked at Ruan Zeyan, who had been standing guard. “So you knew that Lina and Cheng Chen were our daughter-in-law’s parents? Why didn’t you tell us in advance so that we could be mentally prepared?”

Deep in thought, Ruan Zeyan’s eyes were fixed on the door. When he heard Ruan Qishan’s question, he looked at him and answered, “I didn’t find out about it until Wednesday. Chairwoman Li asked me not to tell anyone about it. She is Tianya’s biological mother, and I respect her every decision.”

Ruan Qishan nodded his head solemnly. “That’s a good thing. Lina originally came here to find out more about us so that she could officially declare war after breaking off ties with us. Now not only hadn’t war started, Lina also unilaterally announced that she wanted to form a strategic partnership with us and share all of our resources. To the Yuan Teng Corporation, that was like two lucky breaks. At the same time, it was a win-win situation that had more advantages than disadvantages for Layna as well. Seems like our daughter-in-law is really a blessing to the Ruan Family!”

Ruan Qishan bemoaned inside. Now that he thought about it, it was fortunate that he didn’t oppose Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya’s marriage. Instead, he chose to accept Ling Tianya and treat her well.

Every decision in life would bear fruit in the future. Ruan Qishan thought that his choice to accept Ling Tianya back then was the best choice he had made.

“I just didn’t expect that Huang Ying and Xu Cheng would be so audacious. They even thought of hiding their true identities to replace Yaya. They are simply too evil!” Wang Yazhi thought of what had happened at the cocktail party just now, and felt indignant. “If they had really succeeded, and made Lina believe that Xu Cheng is her daughter. When the time came, Xu Cheng and Huang Ying would definitely spare no effort to smear our family and Yaya. If that happened, forget about the win-win situation, it would be fortunate enough if mutual destruction didn’t happen.”

Although Wang Yazhi was simple-minded, she could tell that Lina wasn’t an ordinary woman. She was a powerful figure.

Ruan Qishan and MadamRuan nodded at the same time. “You’re right. Fortunately, Chairman Li found out in time.”

“Why does Chairman Ruan still call me Chairwoman Li?” At this moment, the door to the nursery finally opened. Lina walked out with little rice dumpling in her arms.

Little rice dumpling laid in Lina’s arms obediently. He didn’t cry or make a scene. It seemed that the relationship between the grandmother and grandson was quite harmonious.

Lina walked over with a smile on her face. “You should call me in-law.”

Ruan Qishan froze for a moment before he chuckled. “That’s right. We need to change the way we address each other. We’re all family now.”