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Chapter 1264: Arrest

Huang Ying held the butter knife and stabbed at Eric in a frenzy. Even though Eric had been prepared in advance and the butter knife wasn’t very sharp, Eric was still unable to dodge in time and his shoulder blade was stabbed by Huang Ying.

Eric was in pain, but Huang Ying still wasn’t willing to let it go. The two of them quickly tangled up in an ugly manner.

Watching the farce with an ugly expression, Xu Cheng stood at the side.

Upon seeing that Xu Cheng was just standing there and didn’t come over to help her, Huang Ying was gradually subdued by Eric due to her bodily disadvantage, and she shouted at Xu Cheng ferociously, “What are you standing there for! Come over and help me! Are you still dreaming of becoming the heiress of a wealthy family? We have all been deceived, all deceived by this sanctimonious man!”

Huang Ying’s words were like a blow to Xu Cheng’s head, completely waking her up from her daydream. With her brows deeply furrowed, she watched the two people who were wrestling in front of her. Besides disgust and frustration, she was feeling no other emotions.

Even if Huang Ying was her mother and Eric was the man she loved, at that moment, upon losing everything, she hated everyone.

She looked forward to today’s cocktail party so much, and wanted to be Lina’s daughter so much to live a life like Ling Tianya’s. She was such a proud person, but now she had become a joke.

Not far away, the reporters who had already figured out the whole story were taking pictures of her with cameras.

The guests at the cocktail party looked at her with quizzical and disdainful expressions.

Along with the indifference and disgust of the Ruan family, as well as her own pathetic state, Eric’s manipulation and insults were the last straws for Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng screamed loudly, and with her hands on her head, she rushed towards the main stage. “Ling Tianya, why do all the good things belong to you? You’re obviously a scheming and cunning fox who stinks of money. Why does everyone revolve around you? Everyone is always on your side no matter how hard I try! Why?! And you!” Xu Cheng looked at Lina “I’ve been so good and so considerate towards you. In my heart, I’ve already started to treat you as my own mother, but why do you have to treat me like this?!”

Xu Cheng was indeed the granddaughter of the Xu family. She had inherited her obsession with money from her Grandaunt. Due to the Xu family’s problematic educational method, Xu Cheng had been depressed for the past thirty years and had been unable to truly show her desire for money inside. Therefore, she was now stuck in a blind alley and unable to get out no matter what. She blamed everything on others, and she became a complete victim.

Xu Cheng rushed to the main stage like a madman, straight towards Ling Tianya and Lina.

The guards immediately rushed out to protect Ling Tianya and Li Na, and easily subdued the crazy Xu Cheng.

At that moment, Eric had also subdued Huang Ying. Enduring the pain, he said to Lina and the Ruan family, “Call the police and arrest those two crazy women. Don’t disturb the chairman and the young madam!”

Eric had already changed his way of addressing Ling Tianya, and addressed her as young madam.

At that moment, a few policemen really walked in. Upon seeing the police, even though he was a little confused as to why the police came so quickly, Eric still shouted at the police, “Officers, arrest those two people! ”

The leading police officer stared at Eric and said to his subordinate in a deep voice, “Arrest the suspect!”

Just as he said that, a few police officers went forward and directly arrested Eric.

“Why arrest me?! I’m a victim. I’m injured!” Eric was shocked.

“We now suspect that you are involved with a murder case. We need you to go back with us to cooperate with the police investigation now!”